Netflix Marvel's Jessica Jones S2 twice the entertainment

Netflix Marvel's Jessica Jones S2 twice the entertainment

Sadly, Trish has chose to give Jessica a little kick in the trousers as far as finding out what really happened to her after that auto crash, and she's doing it by calling out a certain shady medical company on-air, which brings a variety of weirdos out of the woodwork.

This Jessica Jones review contains spoilers.

The second season of Jessica Jones, in the absence of season one's brilliant villain, brings the focus back to our alcoholic heroine's detective work.

After checking out an advance look at the first five new episodes, I can confirm that Jessica's starting back at the beginning. In the Netflix show, however, Jessica and others frequently speak in a portentous, florid manner.

Season 2 of "Jessica Jones" premieres on Thursday. Their continued efforts to be there for her suggests they see she has a good heart buried under so much pain. She was and kept under the thumb of "Carl" (aka Carl Mollus), the doctor who helped pioneer the treatments. This continued into episode 2, "AKA Freak Accident", until these two had a confrontation at a movie set, where Trish was to blackmail Maximillion Tatum.

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So if Jess isn't who we want her to be, and she's far from clear who she must become, then what are we left with?

Not that she won't consider it, mind you. Her alter-ego, Hellcat, was created by Steve Englehart and George Perez, and first appeared in TheAvengers #144 (1976). Trish (Rachael Taylor) and Jessica spend many scenes talking in circles about why Jess should stop running from the past and such. The only silly thing about Trish is that she seems way-out-of-proportion popular for a radio-show host - she's sort of a cross between NPR's Terry Gross and AM-radio's Rush Limbaugh in terms of fame (not politics).

Krysten Ritter is still a delight to watch as the sarcastic, rude, undelightful Jessica. She ran out of f***s to give a long time ago and she isn't in any mood to loan out a few this time either. Season 2 has certainly taught Jeri the allure of have powered people on staff, and finding them and using them for her own benefit would definitely be something Jessica wouldn't be ok with.

"I do think we're in a moment where we're starting to see more gender balance both on screen and off screen in our industry, and it's exciting, and I'm proud to be a part of it", Taylor said. Trish wisely chooses to keep Simpson's arsenal, but I'm more concerned about what else she might be keeping of his. By killing Kilgrave, Jessica removed one problem but now has to deal with the guilt of being a murderer on top of her ongoing trauma. Again, turn away now if you don't want to be spoiled, because this is a doozy! Top secret! But I can say that he's back, and I can also say that it's probably not a good thing. She's one of the only characters that truly feels lived in, making her a bit more "human" than the other heroes. Conclude what you must from that statement, I'll leave you to it.

It's nearly like she's acting out like Jessica, but it's Jessica that's out doing some important fieldwork and at the Kozlov funeral learns that Will Simpson is still alive and he's the one who killed Kozlov. Although we can now understand how Alisa got to this harrowing point in her life - including her unnerving romantic relationship with the octopus-obsessed Dr. Karl - that doesn't mean we can forgive her for what she's done.