Former Trump campaign aide wavers on defying Mueller inquiry

Former Trump campaign aide wavers on defying Mueller inquiry

That Nunberg actually recognizes the value and intelligence of a black woman is, I hope, a life lesson for him.

Nunberg told the Post that he planned to tear up his subpoena on Bloomberg TV and would let Mueller "arrest me", all of which misses the point a little bit.

Burnett mentioned speculation about Nunberg's mental state from a Trump ally, who said Nunberg was either drunk or off his medication, and Nunberg dismissed criticism from Trump's orbit.

The adviser, Lebanese-American businessman George Nader, testified before a grand jury last week, two people told the New York Times, and Mueller is interested in whether Nader funneled money from the Emirates towards Donald Trump's presidential endeavors.

Mueller is investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign and potential collusion between Russia and Trump campaign officials. Asked by Katy Tur whether the prosecutor had something on the president, Nunberg replied: "I think they may". "I certainly can't speak to him or the lack of knowledge that he clearly has", Sanders said.

If Nunberg really does harbor such resentment toward Trump, maybe publicly speculating about Trump having had an arrangement with Russian Federation and having known about the Trump Tower meeting is one final piece of revenge. "I did not think it was going to be a therapy session, but I think it became a therapy session". "I don't know why he went around trying to hide it". He was apparently completely offended that he was asked about Roger Stone, saying "Roger is like family to me".

The brouhaha erupted Monday, when Nunberg slammed Sanders in a weird interview with Spectrum News.

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This, by the way, is not a reason any grand jury would find acceptable to not comply with such an order, in case one was curious.

Nunberg's relationship with Trump is nothing if not complicated.

Nunberg went back to emphasizing that, when it comes down to it, he loathes Trump and thinks that his lack of smarts is why he's the target of Mueller's investigation to begin with.

He also backpedaled after his heated anti-Trump criticism, suggesting he was merely lashing out because he was still angry about being fired.

In the campaign's early months in 2015, Mr. Trump publicly predicted that he would "get along very well" with Vladimir V. Putin, the Russian president. Business Insider had written about Nunberg's racially charged Facebook posts from years prior, and the nascent political organization jettisoned him. That's the reality. Now Trump loves Corey.

Asked Tuesday about the concerns he elicited, Nunberg declined to get into details and said simply "it's not an issue". "All he had to say was, 'Yeah, we met with the Russians". By March 2016, Nunberg had endorsed Trump opponent Ted Cruz.

Carter Page, a former Trump campaign aide. After a time, that lawsuit was settled.