'We Have Reached A Deal': West Virginia Teacher Strike Set To End

'We Have Reached A Deal': West Virginia Teacher Strike Set To End

Details were not disclosed publicly.

Union leaders say the teachers won't return to work until they get a 5% raise. Confused voting ended with that body rejecting a 5 percent raise, changing it to 4 percent and sending that into a conference with the House.

The West Virginia legislature argued for hours but could not agree Saturday on how much to raise teachers' pay - meaning the teachers strike may well extend into an eighth day Monday.

The tentative agreement follows several days of impasse between the the West Virginia House of Delegates and the Senate.

LEE: We have announced that the strike will go on indefinitely until the Senate does what they said. Well, the states share more than a few similarities. The teachers' strike, which shows no sign of ending, could cease, or the government could meet the needs of teachers with the pay raise, added benefits and improved working conditions that teachers are looking for.

The House approved that raise.

Workman and the other teachers, said they were surprised by the events Tuesday morning, saying they left Monday night not feeling hopeful of a resolution.

Most counties across the state subsequently announced classrooms will be closed Tuesday for the ninth straight day. Senate representatives, who recently approved a 4 percent proposal as financially more prudent, spoke of possible compromises.

The bill in question only gives teachers, service personnel and state police a raise, but the promise is to build the raise for all other state employees into the budget.

Senate President Mitch Carmichael and other Republican legislators maintain the state can not afford raises that would end the walkout by some of the lowest-paid educators in the country.

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Teachers from the state's two biggest metropolitan areas-Oklahoma City and Tulsa-converged on Friday to discuss the possibility of going on strike to pressure the state legislators to enact what educators call long overdue pay raises.

The bill quickly passed in the House Wednesday, but Senate lawmakers expressed concern about how the state will fund the raise. The House disagreed with the Senate and sent the bill to a conference committee.

Announcement of an accord came just ahead of a legislative conference committee meeting between lawmakers from the state's Republican-controlled House of Delegates and Senate to reconcile differing bills. Robert Plymale, D-Wayne.

About 20,000 teachers have been on strike since February 22, keeping 300,000 students out of the classroom.

The striking teachers are finding support from diverse corners, including from students who have joined strikers on the picket lines, and from national politicians.

"All three states saw significant reductions in school funding once the recession started, and none have seen that investment restored into public education", said Arizona Education Association President Joe Thomas.

"They are pooling resources, sometimes with their own money, and putting together packets of soup, mac and cheese, food cups", Wood said.

That is one of the unions representing West Virginia teachers who remain on strike yet again on this Monday.

As the labor dispute drags on, students are playing a waiting game - and video games - while trying to to keep themselves busy. Some have voiced frustration about the ongoing school disruption - and some kids say they miss their friends and teachers - but others have said they want to do what they can to support the strike in a state that ranks among the lowest in terms of teacher pay.