Texas Senate Primary Election Results

Texas Senate Primary Election Results

Today, Texas will hold the first primary of 2018, a precursor to the upcoming midterm elections in November.

For more Smith County Election Day information, please visit here or call the Smith County Elections Office at 903-590-4777.

Some of the issues that helped Trump nationally, such as reworking trade deals like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), can be vulnerabilities in Texas, where the state's economy is heavily dependent on trade with neighbor Mexico.

"Since the 2016 Presidential Election, we have been working around the clock to engage the voters of Dallas". Republicans asked for the judge, Eric Moyé, to recuse himself; Moyé is a Democrat and has donated to local and national Democratic candidate campaigns.

Also, on the ballot but drawing no opposition on the Republican ticket is the position of State Representative, District 83, a seat now held by Dustin Burrows, who is in line to keep that seat. Democrats need to flip 24 seats to win control of the House. But by the time the candidate bounces through the door, they're unfolding dozens more chairs as the crowd zooms past 100.

Voters head to the polls in Tuesday's Senate primaries.

However, this has been a particularly tense race since late February when the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee posted negative opposition research on Moser, the kind of thing you are never supposed to do to someone from your own party.

The other two Clinton districts - Sessions's suburban Dallas 32nd District and Hurd's expansive 23rd District which runs along the Mexican border from El Paso to San Antonio - both have primaries of note, too.

A Texas election identification certificate (issued by DPS). And it may all be due to President Donald J. Trump.

Hudspeth says she wasn't aware of claims that two sites didn't have ballots for Democratic voters. Chuck Schumer is involved: It wasn't a shock when longtime Rep. Gene Green announced he was retiring after holding his seat in the 29th Congressional District since the 1990s, and it wasn't exactly surprising that longtime state Sen.

The Democratic congressman outraised the Republican senator in the last quarter of 2017 and has touted his candidacy's grassroots appeal for Texas Democrats who haven't had much to cheer about lately.

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But Democrats say public outrage over preventable gun violence and the gun lobby's grip on Tallahassee have the potential to transform politics.

"Make no mistake - it's a tough lift in Texas". "You've got Empower Texans and the Texas Right to Life who have spent themselves at least $5 million". "The excitement being generated now among candidates will not only build, it will consolidate".

Democrats have repeatedly failed to recruit challengers even in areas where they have a good chance of victory.

Democrats remain underdogs to knock off Republican Sen. Carmen tells Teen Vogue, "I think Beto's punk rock past really influences how he wants to tour every place; he wants to meet the people".

There's a massive 18-way primary happening in the 21st District, and if a far-right candidate wins the nod, Democrats already encouraged by some generic ballot polling in this race could take a more keen interest.

That spike can be credited to the increase in registered Democratic voters in the past four years and enthusiasm among the party's voters and candidates. Republicans early voting statewide was up 15 percent.

Across the state, especially in Texas' urban counties, final early voting numbers reflect a similar trend.

Democrats are running in all of Texas' 36 congressional districts for the first time in 25 years. Early vote turnout for the minority party has surpassed GOP totals - and even bested their 2016 numbers.

"For Republicans, if this is evidence of a significant enthusiasm gap, then that would be something to worry about", Mackowiak said. "I think we are going to see more votes cast in-person early, and by mail absentee than we will on election day", Stein said.

"There is a reason to be concerned, for sure", said Matt Mackowiack, a veteran Republican operative in Austin.