RNC's McEnany Echoes Trump: Dems 'Nowhere to be Found' on DACA

RNC's McEnany Echoes Trump: Dems 'Nowhere to be Found' on DACA

Hacking said DHS started deporting those with an expired visa after October 5. But those protections for "Dreamers" will stay in effect because of a series of court rulings.

Madison Chief of Police Michael Koval said his police are committed to serving and being inclusive to everyone in Madison, not just to permanent legal citizens. "Congress must match a fraction of their courage and pass #DreamActNow".

"I understand there are regulations in Congress and procedures that need to happen, but I really think the issue should be humanized". Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have both publicly supported the view that DACA is similarly illegal.

"This court does not like the outcome of this case, but it is constrained by its constitutionally limited role to the result that it has reached", Judge Roger Titus said in his opinion, according to The Hill. Those who have not yet applied for the program are not now eligible and remain unprotected-also making them basically untouchable to USA employers.

Those now sit with an appeals court, which the Supreme Court is waiting for, and encouraged to act expeditiously.

"While we are disappointed with aspects of the ruling, we are pleased that Judge Titus entered a separate injunction prohibiting the Trump administration from using DACA applicant information for immigration enforcement purposes, as it has repeatedly threatened to do". And the Supreme Court declined the administration's unusual request to leapfrog the appellate courts and consider immediately whether to overrule those decisions. Remember the Trump administration's travel ban?

Several congressional Democrats and immigration advocates have warned that despite the court injunction, DACA recipients remain in legal uncertainty thanks to a crisis they say is of Trump's making.

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Abizadeh said the fight continues as immigration reformists pursue a clean Dream Act which would establish a pathway to citizenship for Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors. "As a nation known for keeping its promises, failing to do so in this case would not only cause unnecessary grief and hardship to many young people and their families, but it would also damage our reputation around the world". "That's not how Congress works".

Despite moving to end the program, Trump administration officials have said that they will not seek to target DACA recipients for deportation if the program expires. "(Lawmakers) are like 'Just push it back, it's just the DACA kids'".

The rally came on what would have been the last day for DACA, the Obama-era program that has deferred deportation for as many as 800,000 young people since 2012. Read what they had to say here.

That, paired with another six months of inaction, is what they believe is depressing numbers at protests like the one Monday.

The lives of thousands of Oklahomans have been turned upside down since a September 5 announcement that the federal government was rescinding the DACA program, Rubio said.

For many of these immigrant founders, the prospect of returning home to their country of birth is unfeasible, if not altogether risky. "It doesn't make sense", Maria said.