Chan Lowe: The real reason we're so gun insane

Chan Lowe: The real reason we're so gun insane

I have a very simple solution for protecting our children from mass shootings in our public schools. We have the right to bear arms, even if the arms we have are designed not for sport or even for self-defense but primarily to kill other people. Write a letter to your elected officials today. And in the case of the states that expanded access to firearms, most were controlled by Republicans.

The list of other attacks on anything that might control the sale and use of guns is lengthy, so feel free to go online to NY magazine's website ( to get more information. Maybe if we allow teachers to carry guns.

"My bill will broaden the [scope] of what the state classifies as assault weapons including banning more than 150-gun models", says Fontana in a memorandum to other state legislators that also refers to the "Lakeland, Florida" shooting and promises to mirror legislation passed in CT shortly after Sandy Hook.

The US financial sector has been under pressure to examine its dealings with the firearms industry after the Valentine's Day shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, which left 17 people dead.

"They know my position", he said.

Actually, if I had my way Scott and his enablers in the Florida Legislature would be indicted as accessories to mayhem for their reckless dismissal of sensible gun laws that could have helped protect the kids and their teachers. Despite Parkland, Republican lawmakers in a number of states are quietly advancing a slew of NRA-backed bills. It expired in 2004, and its effect on gun violence is still debated.

"Sure, if you count every one of those little BS things that the corporate gun lobby has put out that you can say has weakened gun laws, it'd probably be a losing tally for us", Gross said. Making it harder to purchase a gun could save lives.

I'm a lifelong hunter and gun owner, but I've come to believe the NRA has the Second Amendment all wrong.

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It is the historical moment that will be remembered not only by all guests at the stadium but by the whole baseball industry. Later Beltre told journalists that his own country is rich with great sportsmen and that he is very proud to represent them.

The state legislative leadership and Walker had no problem last month skipping hearings and short-circuiting the normal process to get their favorite legislation passed.

House Democratic Leader Janet Cruz of Tampa said she hopes Floridians will have their say - in November.

He called Sawchuck "a hero who I owe my life to" and acknowledged that every time a shooting takes place, his victims are "hurt all over again by what I did to them".

David Niven, a professor of American politics at the University of Cincinnati, said the NRA nearly certainly wanted to punish Strickland for being an "apostate" on top of ensuring the gun-friendly GOP maintained its majority in the Senate.

In 2016, there were around 38,000 gun-related deaths.

Bloomberg, a longtime advocate of gun control, established Everytown in the wake of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut. Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo, a Democrat, signed a "red flag" executive order last week that keeps guns away from people "who pose a danger to themselves and others".

The Lakota board took no action but said all new security options are now being considered. He got the group's support a second time when he ran for re-election in 2010, but lost to Republican John Kasich as the governor's race centered on economic woes gripping the state. Walmart also has set 21 as the minimum age for gun buyers. After all, the same dynamic is involved - misuse by one or two sick individuals of a consumer product that many others possess responsibly. Banning assault weapons doesn't threaten the Second Amendment. The Las Vegas gunman used a bump stock to quickly shoot more than 500 people. The pattern following each new shooting, however, has been for liberal states to ram through more restrictions on firearms as conservative states look to scrap anything that smacks of gun control.