'The Walking Dead': What That Midseason Premiere Twist Could Mean for Rick

'The Walking Dead': What That Midseason Premiere Twist Could Mean for Rick

"I think it's kind of showing Rick mercy, in a way, because Carl knew that this mistake was his fault, and he could have easily prevented it if he didn't listen to Siddiq and try to pursue killing those walkers".

"I got bit bringing someone back", Carl says, sorrowfully. There's certainly a lot of story to tell without that central character.

"Honour" is one of those languorous episodes of television you'll carry with you long after the credits roll, one where you know what's going to happen and nearly find it too unbearable to watch. As Carl is about to pass on from this world at a now-decimated Alexandria, he shares his hope for the future with his father: Rick, with a longer beard, guides Judith through Alexandria, now filled with former Saviors (including Negan and Eugene), Hilltoppers (including Jerry), and their own people. He's also seen preparing a cot for when his symptoms come - where Rick found him in the closing moments of the mid-season finale.

When Shane died, it was a sacrifice Rick thought he made for the group - and it changed him.

Andrew Lincoln, who plays Carl's father Rick in the show, probably had the best farewell out of anyone. But it wasn't clear at the time that a big bloody wound was responsible for Rick being all sweat-soaked and weak. That time when Carl was a callous little bastard and looked like he could grow up to be a post-apocalyptic serial killer. Here's how Scott Gimple explained it to THR. This level of scrutiny meant that every decision of his - his mistakes such as accidentally causing Dale's death, his rather understandable moments of depression, confusion - became insufferably annoying. "This is kind of Carl showing Rick mercy because he knew it was going to crush him, and this is kind of his way of saying that he's sorry and trying to put him through as little grief as possible".

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Back at the storm drain, Carl tells his "best friend" Michone to be strong, for his dad and Judith and herself. And it really sets it up for its next evolution. Instead, we could be looking at the vision of the future Rick pitches to Negan at the end of the war, moments before he pulls a fast one on the Saviors' leader. In the comics, Rick diffuses the violence by directly confronting Negan in front of the full gathered forces of both armies. We've got the main talking point from the first half of the season out of the way quickly without lingering on it; it'll be fascinating to see where the show goes from here.

The last vision from Old Man Rick's world, which we see after Carl has been laid to rest, Judith rushes up to a man working in the garden. "It couldn't have had more gravity [if it had happened to another character]".

Will we find out what happened to Rick in next week's episode?

It's not just a question repeated throughout season eight of AMC's The Walking Dead - it's the question, period, the defining thesis of the latest incarnation of AMC's zombie drama.

At the start, we see the steps Carl took after being bitten in order to protect the Survivors within the sewer drainage system below Alexandria during the battle, but to also prepare himself and those around him for his impending doom, including preparing notes for different members of their community. Then head to our midseason premiere schedule to see when all the other new and returning shows will be hitting primetime.