Apple Plans to Upgrade AirPods with Deeper Siri Integration and Water Resistance

Apple Plans to Upgrade AirPods with Deeper Siri Integration and Water Resistance

A new report suggests Apple may release new versions of its popular AirPods wireless earbuds in 2018 and 2019.

A subsequent model of AirPods under development would be water resistant, Bloomberg said.

This new chip, custom-designed by Apple to handle Bluetooth connections for their wearable devices, will be a significant upgrade from the W1 chip which the current model of Airpods now carries.

Apple made a big impact with its wireless iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus a year ago, but there was big piece of the puzzle missing.

Software updates, a new AirPower charging station and possible iPad Pro upgrades are also among the tech chatter, according to multiple reports. These are expected to arrive as early as next year.

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According to what the newest report claims, Apple is planning to start selling AirPower in the month of March via its own retail stores, alongside the other resellers.

The latest iPhones can survive splashes, while the Apple Watch is considered "swim-proof". Apple will apparently incorporate an upgrade wireless chip in the device. They were designed by the same department that developed the HomePod, so it's not surprising that a voice command feature has been added. If you've held off on purchasing the little Apple earrings because of connectivity or water resistance concerns, it's time to get excited.

As is often the case with Apple, the company's truly wireless AirPods headphones were nowhere close to being the first device to market in this emerging category. Sources say that Apple's plans could still change or be delayed for the water resistant AirPods.

It's a similar story with the AirPods - despite Apple showcasing wireless charging on AirPods at the announcement, existing AirPod cases aren't Qi-enabled. Are you willing to spend as much as $200 for a wireless charging mat?

The product helped take wireless headphones mainstream. The idea was later used by many big names like Google and Samsung.