High school students across the US protest gun violence

High school students across the US protest gun violence

They're not alone. Students across the Tri-State and the country are organizing rallies to support stronger gun laws and challenge the politicians they say have failed to protect them from violence. During their 400-mile trip to Tallahassee, they spoke with The Associated Press.

Since Omar Mateen opened fired and killed 49 during a Latino-themed night, survivors and their families have fought for gun control laws.

"Does the president believe there should be an age limit for those who buy an AR-15?" a reporter asked.

Carter said the walkout is just the start of many planned demonstrations from CAPA students. "Every single weapon is bad when it is in the hands of someone who is mentally unstable".

Sarah Chadwick can't vote because she is only 16 years old. She vowed to continue approaching lawmakers until something changes.

Delaney Terr, a senior and fellow survivor of Nikolas Cruz's brutal attack on the Florida high school, said this to those assembled: "We've had enough of thoughts and prayers". The proposals include deeper background checks and stricter gun rules for people with mental health issues.

"I sat hiding in a closet fearing for my life, for my future, when all of us are that future", says Ashley Santoro. If you supported us, you would have made a change long ago.

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"I talked to them this morning about [how] it's easy to yell and this is the first shout, but going forward, how do you sustain the momentum about such an important project?" said chief school administrator Craig Henry.

They were demanding lawmakers take action against gun violence.

"There is no way this can happen again".

Several of the Parkland shooting survivors have become outspoken critics of the gun lobby. "Because if we don't, how are they ever going to listen to us?" she said.

"There should be no distinguishing", said Koerber, 16.

"We're not stepping down", Carter said. Sorry, but we can not depend wholly on good thoughts and prayers and putting God in our schools - this will not fix the problem. "How many more innocent people have to die before we make a change?"