'The Bachelor' recap: Arie meets the parents

'The Bachelor' recap: Arie meets the parents

Anyway, of course, she brings Arie to a storage unit full of dead carcuses. "I really had to take a few weeks and decompress and reflect on this journey as a whole and not just this breakup". Eager to pursue and build upon new relationships, the men and women fight tooth and nail for the chance to go on a romantic date with the snow bunny of their choosing.

Arie confirmed that the four hung out after one fan tweeted: "And excuse me... She hopes her family will welcome Arie, but her overprotective parents grill him about his reputation for dating a number of women".

Slideshow: Check Out 16 Best Grammys Looks! For fun, Kendall takes Arie to the back of her taxidermist's office to mount rats.

In recent months, Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone has leaked some shocking details about Arie's final Rose Ceremony and post-show relationship with the victor. "If he goes with Tia, it's going to be because he's attracted to her confidence and flare, warmth and fire". Arie gives a fairly unsatisfactory answer to the question of whether he's just messing around with all these women or whether he's really interested in pursuing something serious with Becca.

Meanwhile, Kendall's father admits to Arie that he doesn't think Kendall is the girl who will accept a proposal so soon, but assures Arie that he WILL support the union if it's what Kendall does want. That seems to appease Jason.

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Families, however, don't know Arie from anything.

We've definitely observed Lauren's guarded nature throughout the season, as Arie struggled to get to know her at first. Turns out, however, that it's Mom who is the most hard to get on your side. Kendall's connection with Arie Luyendyk Jr. is surprisingly strong, but that's not the real reason she's made it this far.

Kendall's father was predictably suspicious of Arie and told him that he didn't think Kendall was ready for marriage, and was reluctant to give his blessing.

Steve actually says that Arie ends up breaking up with her and then starting to date Lauren B. She couldn't say she was ready, but she reiterated that she was falling for him. "Have you ever known anybody in a military family before?" "You play golf", Lauren's dad asks. Although, Becca warns Arie about her strict Uncle Gary, who's been like a second father to her after her dad died. Arie tells him that he and a bunch of racecar drivers hung out with troops in Afghanistan and Iraq and dad is clearly touched by this. "If Lauren likes you, I like you", he concedes. In a symbolic move, Tia takes Arie on a date to her hometown's dirt racetrack. "I don't think I was fair and I shouldn't have handled it that way.' So I think we were both able to get the closure that we needed from that". One of the things that should be interesting about Kylie's appearance here is that she should know the truth about Kendall more so than anyone. Arie told host Chris Harrison that he had no idea what he was going to do and during the ceremony had to step away to compose himself. "She can have her little room where she does taxidermy, and I'll have my garage where I work on cars", he said, imagining their married life. "What did I do wrong?" After the visit, Kendall and Arie have some time to talk one-on-one, and she finally tells him that she's falling for him, too.

We think that the two examples below, via ABC's press release for the episode, demonstrate this nearly perfectly.