Kremlin dismisses Mueller's indictment of 13 Russians

Kremlin dismisses Mueller's indictment of 13 Russians

On Friday, special counsel Robert Mueller's office announced eight charges against 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities for carrying out social media "interference operations targeting the United States".

The president has not formally commented on the meddling aspect of the FBI's allegations, preferring to claim instead that they prove there was no collusion between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign and show that the outcome of the election was not affected.

On Saturday night, Trump also suggested the Federal Bureau of Investigation was too distracted with trying to prove Russian collusion to spot warning signs shown by Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz before his shooting rampage at a Florida high school which left 17 people dead and more than a dozen others wounded.

But the president suggested the source of that discord is the ongoing investigation of Russian meddling in the elections and possible collusion between his campaign and Russia, which Trump flatly denies.

President Trump chided his national security adviser on Sunday, tweeting H.R. McMaster "forgot to say that the results of the 2016 election were not impacted or changed by the Russians".

He also argued that US officials, including Vice President Mike Pence, have said no country influenced the results of the USA election. But Mr Trump also said he believed Mr Putin is honest when he says Russian Federation did not interfere.

After the Justice Department's Friday announcement, Trump tweeted: "Russia started their anti-US campaign in 2014, long before I announced that I would run for President". He also insisted he never denied that the Kremlin interfered in the 2016 USA campaign, although in fact he has frequently challenged the veracity of the evidence. There was no Collusion with the Trump Campaign.

Numerous Republican and Democratic lawmakers spoke out Sunday to criticize Trump for mixing the issues and for continuing to fail to address the core problem of Russian meddling.

"It was created to say it was very clear these 13 individuals in this set of companies were trying to interfere in our election", said Lankford, who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

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The president has repeatedly seized on the fact that the efforts started before he became a candidate, but has glossed over the conclusion that they evolved toward supporting his candidacy.

Then Trump said "if" it was the Kremlin's goal to generate chaos in the USA, they succeeded. "Knowing something about hacking, if you don't catch a hacker, okay, in the act, it's very hard to say who did the hacking", Trump said.

Trump has chafed at accusations he had any help for more than a year, resisting calls to decry Russia's efforts to interfere and take more action against the adversary while firing and threatening to fire law enforcement officials investigating him and frequently ranting on Twitter.

Sanders touched on Obama's response, as well, on "Meet the Press" on Sunday. "I have seen all of the Russian ads and I can say very definitively that swaying the election was *NOT* the main goal", one of Goldman's tweets read.

But he also said that doesn't justify President Trump's refusal to enact new sanctions against Russian Federation last month.

The president has also asked why the Obama administration didn't do more if Russian Federation was really interfering in the 2016 election.

Earlier, top Russian and American officials exchanged barbs in Germany over the United States indictment of 13 Russians.

Asked whether or not he believed the indictment suggested there was no collusion, Schiff told CNN: "No, of course not, but this is a president who claims vindication anytime someone sneezes".