2 students arrested in connection with threats directed at Carmel High School

2 students arrested in connection with threats directed at Carmel High School

The school is no longer in shelter in place, and regular class schedules have resumed.

Police then received notice of a rumor saying a student posted to social media after the initial arrest Thursday that he would be coming to Marcus High School at lunchtime to "finish the job".

Threats of violence against a school - whether a hoax, unsubstantiated or otherwise - aren't a joke.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call the Somonauk School District 432 office at 815-498-2314 or the police department at 815-498-2351.

A Susan Moore High School student was charged with making a terrorist threat Friday.

The student later told police he was just talking with other students about the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

That individual will face charges of making terroristic threats and disorderly conduct, PSP said.

"Threats, whether real or stupid jokes, can carry serious criminal penalties".

In a message posted Monday on Facebook by the Franklin County Sheriff's Office and on the website of Franklin County Schools, local authorities made their intentions clear. Please remind them about the importance of using social media in a mature and responsible manner.

He pointed out that after the massacre in Florida, students across the state and nation posted similar provocative comments.

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PSP said the investigation revealed the person who took the picture was the only one involved with the post.

However, in most cases, the wannabe criminals are not cautious enough, which has already led to numerous arrests of students, IBT reports.

Police did not elaborate on the exact details of the threat.

Police say two Arlington High School students were arrested after threatening a school shooting.

Berrien County dispatch confirms that police are investigating and the school administration is aware of the threats. The weapons were "pellet-type" guns, and the juvenile was taken to the Campbell County Juvenile Detention Center, according to Sgt. Natalie Selby. Their names have not been released because they are minors.

Parents were on alert Monday after they got wind of a reported threat to Corinth High School. "After a violent school event, district leaders, the safety coordinator, and school resource officers reflect, assess, and adjust our current safety practices based on lessons learned from an event".

He said one threat on social media originated in SC and has been removed.

"We will take appropriate disciplinary action", Laffoon said. Police have stated that they have "no credible information at this time that the threat has any merit".

Because of this, the district sent out an email to parents on Sunday night.