OK Flu Death Toll Goes Up To 153, Includes 1st Pediatric Death

OK Flu Death Toll Goes Up To 153, Includes 1st Pediatric Death

Public health officials say if people haven't received the vaccine, it's not too late.

DPH says a 47-year-old female from New Castle County died, but records indicate she had not recieved a flu vaccine this season.

Caused by viruses, flu is a contagious respiratory illness with mild to severe symptoms that can sometimes lead to death.

"Children with flu or flu-like symptoms are seen immediately, day or night, by pediatric providers in the Nash Pediatric Emergency Department", said Hayden. Dr. Pechon says she's encountered patients who believe the flu shot can give you the flu.

"For the 2017-2018 season, manufacturers projected they would provide between 151 million and 166 million doses of injectable vaccine for the US market".

When flu season comes around, two groups are always in more danger of the virus: Young children and the elderly.

Flu vaccines are a cocktail - they protect against either three or four strains of flu. The decision is made months in advance, when it is hard to know what strains will be circulating.

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"Even with current vaccine effectiveness estimates, vaccination will still prevent influenza illness, including thousands of hospitalizations and deaths". Kemi Mugangala, a digital media production major at Drake, is not going to get a flu shot this year. Based on a recent Canadian report, the effectiveness against B strain viruses is estimated to be about 55%.

Severe symptoms of the flu are high fever, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, confusion, sudden dizziness, severe vomiting or starting to feel better and then suddenly getting much worse. Marshfield is one of five US sites measuring flu vaccine effectiveness.

Paul Auwaerter, president of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA), called the Democrats' universal-vaccine bill a "good start at a good time". In Virginia, 31 people have died so far this flu season, according to the state health department. And 53 percent of those who did not have flu had been vaccinated.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention figures that, overall, the flu vaccine is 36 percent effective at preventing disease. The CDC also reported that cases of influenza B are increasing.

Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) has confirmed the first pediatric death associated with the flu since the season began in September.

In Ashtabula County, we have already had at least one flu death this year and hospitalizations are outpacing last year with the Ohio Department of Health putting the number at 35, compared to just 23 at the same point a year ago.