Black Panther: 30 Easter Eggs & References You Probably Missed

Black Panther: 30 Easter Eggs & References You Probably Missed

"You see them as awful, horrific people", Amari said.

"When I was growing up and I tried drawing a black superhero called the Falcon, I was trying to draw him, and yet I was drawing his nose straight all the time...because I was used to drawing Spiderman, the Hulk, and Superman".

The story is like any other superhero film story. With that taken into consideration, those predictions that Black Panther could hit the top five superhero openings ever could prove accurate.

For one, they pointed out that Black Panther means so much more than just being a "black film". The entire cast looks just like them. You know, you don't actually get sat down and hear that type of a vision.

The vibranium underneath the land of Wakanda is an endless source of power and energy. In the movie, the king tells his nemesis, "It's my responsibility to make sure Wakanda doesn't fall into the hands of people like you". He's also a world leader that seeks to better his country and to keep it safe from harm and from the machinations of other that would use what they have for the type of gains that are not in the best interest of others.

He believes that "Black Panther" will help show black superheroes in a positive light and change the way they are seen. Marvel then hired Reginald Hudlin to rewrite that origin in the 2000s.

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"I hope you can tell from watching the movie, but the resources devoted to this movie are equal to and in fact surpass our last couple of movies", he said. "I have strong women on my team that work with me every day".

Backing him up is the Dora Milaje, led by Gurira's Okoye, a group of female bodyguards.

I saw Black Panther in a special screening some time back and was blown away by it. So you take those old themes that the comic book writers used in the past, and you try to make the make sense in a world of today.

Chadwick Boseman had a bit of trouble narrowing down his choices, saying it comes down to Charles Burnett's Killer of Sheep and Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing, telling the site, "I can't pick one".

In "Black Panther", Lamar says "King of the past, present, future, my ancestors watchin'/King of the culture, king of the soldiers, king of the bloodshed/King of the wisdom, king of the ocean, king of the the respect" before ending with "I am T'Challa".