Israeli-Iranian War Looms in Syrian Mayhem

Israeli-Iranian War Looms in Syrian Mayhem

The new Israeli raids come hours after an earlier one in central Syria. Some say Russian Federation should act as mediator while more sinister analyses suggest Moscow could have a lot to gain from an Iran-Israel conflict.

Israel released footage of the moment its forces downed the drone, but the deputy commander of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Brigadier General Hossein Salami declined to confirm the report. Again, "Why does the media feel obliged to present the Israeli aggression as being Iran's fault?" Israel immediately responded by sending a second wave of aircraft that bombed Syrian air defense sites and more Iranian bases.

Israel's main concern is the presence of Iran in Syria and the support it provides to both the Syrian regime and Hezbollah fighters.

Israel struck several Iranian targets in Syria over the weekend, leading to speculation that Israel and Iran are on the verge of war.

Trump has made it a priority of his presidency to cultivate a relationship with Putin.

The Israeli military announced its warplanes hit 12 targets after the drone infiltrated its airspace. But while Israel's interests are clear, what would be the USA vital interest?

Having Iran in Syria also endangers neighboring Lebanon - the home of Tehran's terror ally, Hezbollah. Syria represents Iran's first significant military success overseas in recent years.

Numerous US troops in Syria are operating with local, Kurdish-dominated allies known as the Syrian Democratic Forces, in the eastern oil-producing Deir el-Zour region along the Euphrates River. The Syrian military, which has previously absorbed occasional Israeli strikes, activated its air defense systems and shot down at least one Israeli F-16.

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But there's an old Yiddish saying that, "you can't dance at all weddings", and Iran's provocation of Israel is starting to make that more of a reality for the Kremlin.

President Assad is also getting the political and diplomatic support of Russian Federation apart from Iran. In the past few years, Hezbollah has "issued massive threats" towards Israel with military action.

A Syrian legislator, Feras Shehabi, said the response marked a "major shift in the balance of power in favour of Syria and the axis of resistance".

The conflict in Syria will also affect Iran, itself.

The "good news", sort of, is that because everyone is so "loss averse" in Syria, it's less likely that any party will get too reckless. But whether Russian Federation can really control the conflict moving forward remains to be seen, and surely serious discussions are underway in Moscow regarding last Saturday's events.

He says that Iran also used some Lebanese institutions to support its operations in Syria and it used Lebanon to support its Yemeni proxy, the Houthis.

But the counterstrike at the aircraft shows that Syria has upped the ante, with a strategic shift in the Syrian military's calculations. U.S. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert, in a loaded remark, said that Iran was involved in "calculated escalation" and threatening regional peace. Of course, Bush's folly has cost the United States $4.3 trillion so far, almost 7,000 dead, more than 50,000 wounded and three missing in action so far. The word simply means information.

The Israeli Air Force then retaliated for the incursion by dispatching its fighter jets to hit government and Iranian targets in Syria, only for one of its F-16s to crash to the ground after coming under heavy anti-aircraft fire. The Israelis are completely changing their policy, taking much greater risks in order to halt this dynamic.