Could the Colts raid the Eagles for coaching talent?

Could the Colts raid the Eagles for coaching talent?

Dating back to January, McDaniels was expected to be named the Colts' next head coach after the season.

But as Wednesday's news conference continued, Ballard said that people say no to job offers every day, that he wished McDaniels well at the end of Tuesday night's brief call and that his primary concern now is finding someone who wants the job.

Ballard said on Wednesday that the Colts will be moving on from their original candidates, meaning former Seattle defensive assistant Kris Richard and Baylor head coach Matt Rhule are no longer options. One, when you think about it, McDaniels does not really fit the new vibe the Colts are going with.

McDaniels-gate is something that truly will help the Colts, for a number of reasons. Two coaches who had been on his list - Texans defensive coordinator Mike Vrabel and Carolina defensive coordinator Steve Wilks - were hired by other teams.

Josh McDaniels was once a young, hot shot head coaching candidate in the National Football League whose 6-0 start with the Denver Broncos had everyone thinking the Belichick discipleship was a new pipeline for National Football League coaching stardom.

-Ballard told reporters that he didn't watch Super Bowl LII because he was more concerned about the news surrounding linebacker Edwin Jackson. Even with Luck, they probably wouldn't have got it done each year.

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And then there was this incredible moment from Indy GM Chris Ballard's post-McDaniels fallout press conference.

While McDaniels could still have a shot at some jobs in the future, some organizations will be wary of him. McDaniels has in recent years turned down opportunities to pursue available head-coaching jobs in Cleveland, Los Angeles and Atlanta. After a brief stint with the St. Louis Rams, he returned as the Patriots offensive coordinator in 2012. You've got to be right.

Whether he's working with Luck or Jacoby Brissett, he's going to put them in the best possible position to succeed.

Belichick places a high value on special teams, as he annually devotes a handful of roster spots to players who exclusively play in the kicking game.

The immediate leader in the clubhouse as the next Colts coach would appear to be Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich, who oddly didn't have a lot of traction in these last rounds of head-coaching openings.