Facebook is officially testing a dislike option called "downvote"

Facebook is officially testing a dislike option called

Facebook is trialling a "downvote" button that allows users to signal if a comment is inappropriate or misleading.

Reports on Twitter suggest that upon users clicking on the downvote button, they are presented with a list of options explaining the decision.

The test is now running on five percent of Android users in the USA, and only applies to public page posts, rather than content from friends or public figures.

The test appeared in the comment section of posts within Facebook groups and users selected for the test shared screenshots with The Daily Beast. While the Like button or Reactions is meant to put an open expression against a post, the downvote button won't provide feedback to "commenters" instead it will be sent directly to Facebook.

A dislike button or downvote has always been a rumoured new feature for Facebook. The company said that there was now no plan to expand the test as is.

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But for those of you hoping the changes might see the platform finally introduce a literal "dislike button", well, you're shit outta luck. Additionally Facebook will look at more granular information, such as the length of comments on posts to qualify the quality of engagement, a Facebook spokesperson told me last month.

Even though it was cited by Bloomberg in 2016 that having a "dislike" button could give too much negativity in the Facebook world, isn't it better than looking like a Reddit wannabe? And, unlike Reddit, comments with a lot of downvotes won't be buried in a thread.

How can Facebook promote meaningful interaction between users? If the test proves successful and some form of the "downvote" button becomes a permanent feature, the firm will no doubt have to address a series of new questions surrounding its approach to content, free speech and censorship.

The test of the Facebook downvote button is ongoing on the public pages. Facebook in response said that the move doesn't necessarily mean that the "dislike' button will soon be available on the platform". For instance, you can mark the comment as "offensive" or "misleading".

Instead, Facebook built the Reactions options that let you respond to posts and comments with love, wow, haha, sad or angry emoji.