Financial expert: No need to panic over stock market slump

Financial expert: No need to panic over stock market slump

"The president's focus is on our long-term economic fundamentals, which remain exceptionally strong, with strengthening US economic growth, historically low unemployment, and increasing wages for American workers", Sanders said in a statement Monday afternoon.

The stock markets plunged on Monday as the DOW Jones Industrial Average fell almost 1,200 points. Visit for more information on this news.

'It looks to emanate from a flawless storm of reasons, ' said Mike van Dulken, head of research at Accendo Markets. "We will see increased volatility as we get into this late stage of the economic cycle".

That put it on pace for its largest loss ever in point terms: it fell 777 points in September 2008 as the global economic crisis took hold. The S&P 500 dropped 113 points, or 4.1 percent. The S&P 500 and the Dow saw their worst weeks since early January 2016 while the Nasdaq recorded its worst week since early Feb 2016.

As Dow continued sliding, President Donald Trump was in OH on Monday praising his recently-passed tax overhaul law and telling workers at a factory near Cincinnati that 'America is once again open for business'. Add that to the recently enacted tax cuts that figure to boost the deficit and you have a recipe for a stagnant economy and the first bear market in nine years.

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"I think people should realize corrections inside a bull market are normal", said Mark Mark Avallone, President and Founder of Potomac Wealth Advisors. We have a stronger economy so the Fed should continue to tighten. They were last trading at 2.849 per cent. For this calendar year, the S&P is down.9 percent, while the Dow is down.8 total. Yields on core government bonds in Europe also fell. In turn, this has hit stock market.

Rising bond yields mean higher borrowing cost for companies and an alternative investment option for traders.

Oil prices also fell, with Brent crude down 1.8 per cent to $67.37 a barrel, the biggest decline in more than a month.

According to Reuters, before that fall, the U.S. stock market had not seen a decline of more than 5 per cent during more than 400 trading sessions.