Super Bowl LII: 5 candidates to take home the MVP award

Super Bowl LII: 5 candidates to take home the MVP award

An NFC win has coincided with a positive year 82% of the time.

A sixth Super Bowl win would allow Brady to break a tie with Bart Starr for most National Football League championships by a quarterback. The Over-Under, or total number of points oddsmakers think will be scored, is 48.5, up a half-point from the opener. Last time Timberlake appeared at a Super Bowl he attracted the ire of America's moral majority by exposing Janet Jackson's breast, a moment memorably blamed on a "wardrobe malfunction". And then past year, of course, being down 28 to 3. They needed a historic comeback to avoid a blowout in last year's Super Bowl.

Many of us also appreciate that the Patriots' most recent accomplishments have apparently been achieved within the rules, thus serving as a role model for rehabilitation professionals everywhere as they work helping patients understand that bad habits and cultures can be given up without giving up all chances for success.

This year, something is different. It was actually quite serious and he did not fly out to Minnesota with his teammates on Monday, as he didn't want to get any of them sick. "I know what it means to this city". Since then, now-starting quarterback Nick Foles has picked up where he left off, and they've dubbed themselves the underdogs. Yeah, I'm a little salty. Patriots players are comfortable wearing targets on their backs. Not to mention the fact he was able to get there with Foles.

"I can remember this team showing up in April and talking about being at this place, talking about our dreams, aspirations and focusing on a grind", safety Malcolm Jenkins said.

Marc Hochman: "I usually enjoy being the guy that goes against the prevailing thought, but I can't do it on this Super Bowl". He'll be on Jeffery for most of the game, and preventing the Eagles and QB Nick Foles from connecting on big plays will be crucial. To note that they have the better coach and the better quarterback is to note that Goliath had a slight height advantage on David. "He has lived in New England his whole life". Both teams are coming into this healthy.

Unfortunately, when many Philadelphia fans hear the words "Super Bowl" and "Patriots" in the same sentence, images of a worn out Donovan McNabb or a disgruntled Terrell Owens often come to mind. The trick is getting a lead. In 2005, they lost to the Patriots 24-21 before a Super Bowl XXXIX crowd of 78,125 in Jacksonville, Fla.

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That defeat brought an end to their 18-game unbeaten run and was followed by an FA Cup reverse to West Brom at Anfield. Who are you backing? Hugo Lloris and Christian Eriksen are both available for selection after recovering from the flu.

And by the time most people watch the show that could be down to one.

They have been a winning team all season, and on Sunday, they will once again prove their critics wrong by beating the Patriots.

But this isn't just a game, this is THE game.

The Eagles and Patriots ied for second-most points scored this season, at 28.6 per game.

Brady has made 10 times that much in salary, is religious (as far as we know) only about his severe fitness and nutrition habits and seems serious about playing into the next decade.

However, the Patriots looked beatable in the AFC Championship Game.