US Treasury Department releases list naming 210 Russian 'political figures' and businesspeople

US Treasury Department releases list naming 210 Russian 'political figures' and businesspeople

Finally, Section 241 of CAATSA requires the president to submit a report to Congress by January 29 identifying "s$3 enior foreign political figures and oligarchs in the Russian Federation". A senior Kremlin official spoke of an "unprecedented act of aggression".

The cellist, who, according to Browder, has a net worth of $2 billion, was shown in the so-called Panama Papers leak as having taken money that was stolen from the Russian taxpayer and laundered via European Union banks. Striking up an alliance with China to steal a chunk of Siberia? Second, effective that date, Directive 4 of Executive Order 13622 is expanded, considerably broadening the geographic scope of restrictions on Russian deepwater, Arctic offshore, and shale oil projects.

None of the above. The Treasury Department did not respond to multiple inquiries Monday about the list.

That is why it is essential that Mr. Trump act immediately to denounce this act of Russian interference and pledge to continue and enhance sanctions on Russia in response.

Even the names on this list will not face immediate action - despite calls for Moscow to be punished for alleged interference in the 2016 US election - and Putin dismissed the United States' latest "unfriendly act" as a minor inconvenience.

"There will be real problems for Nord Stream 2 [gas pipeline] because of Alexei Miller's inclusion on the treasury list".

So why are the Russian elites so worked up about it? The list has spooked rich Russians, who fear it could get them informally blacklisted in the global financial system.

The State Department says it's confident that new legislation enacted a year ago is significantly deterring Russian defense sales. "The oligarchs have made a strategic miscalculation here", he says.

"I think there is no essential change".

Last night, the Treasury Department sent Congress a list of more than 200 names. It also includes 96 people deemed to be "oligarchs".

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"The objective of this "black list" is purely political, since no sanctions of economic nature have been mentioned".

"This is an extreme dereliction of duty by President Trump, who seems more intent on undermining the rule of law in this country than standing up to Putin".

Speaking at meeting with election campaign officials in Moscow, Putin said it was "stupid" to treat Russian in the same way as North Korea and Iran, while also asking Moscow to help broker a peace deal on the Korean peninsula.

Russian lawmakers and officials Tuesday slammed the United States for publishing the so-called "Kremlin report" listing 210 Russian politicians and businessmen which might become targets of possible new sanctions. Russian President Vladimir Putin joked that he was disappointed not to be on it.

In related news, the State Department said Monday that it would not impose the Russian sanctions passed by Congress a year ago. There's also nothing in the way of detail about specific assets or indicators of malfeasance. I would say nothing, zero.

Medvedev struck a similar note, joking that all those who did not find their names on the U.S. list should resign.

That the report was not released by OFAC, but by the Treasury Department, said Brian O'Toole, non-resident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council and former senior adviser to the director of OFAC, is an important distinction.

President Donald Trump signed the law even while blasting it. It's been informally referred to as the "Putin list". No wonder some Russian officials are denouncing the publication of the list - with astonishing chutzpah - as "election meddling".

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