Turkey's Erdogan Ignores Trump, Threatens To Expand Syria Operation To More Cities

Turkey's Erdogan Ignores Trump, Threatens To Expand Syria Operation To More Cities

Kurdish authorities' latest position marks a significant step back from previous efforts to establish a sovereign Kurdish state spanning southern Turkey, northern Syria and northern Iraq.

The Turkish military said "at least 394 terrorist organisation members were neutralised" in the operation thus far.

The Syrian regime has also condemned the presence of Kurdish forces in the north of the country and refused to recognise any territory under SDF control as anything other than being occupied by illegitimate groups.

According to the deputy, "the only right step that the United States can take in this situation is to put an end to its support of the PKK terrorist organization and Daesh, acting in conjunction with it".

The military operation appears to be making slow progress.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim also launched a verbal attack on Washington. "Now they have had to run away again from Turkish-backed groups". We saw Syrian children sitting in brand new classrooms. Other officials have said the aim is to secure Turkey's border and guard against "terror" attacks.

While the Turkish offensive is on its sixth day, a new round of negotiations on Syria is being held in Vienna on Thursday.

Several of the children waved Turkish flags. The offensive has opened a new front in the long-running civil war.

Blinking tears out of his eyes, Hassan clambered out of the small truck in Afrin after the drive from his native Jandairis, a border town.

Strategic Mount Bursaya in Afrin cleared from PKK  PYD terrorists
Turkey's Erdogan Ignores Trump, Threatens To Expand Syria Operation To More Cities

He reiterated that the ongoing operation was directed "purely and simply" against terrorists. What they are saying "Operation Olive Branch will continue until it reaches its goals".

But there is palpable anger amongst the Turkish hierarchy at the continued arming and support of the YPG by the Americans.

Pentagon officials speaking to reporters Thursday made clear they believed the Islamic State had nothing to fear from Turkey's operation.

Badran Jia Kurd, an adviser to the Kurdish-led autonomous administration that runs parts of northern Syria, also said on Thursday that Kurdish groups have yet to receive a formal invitation to the Sochi congress which Russian Federation confirmed would take place on January 29, Reuters said. "We share Turkey's concerns about the PKK", Newark stressed.

More importantly, this escalation all but ensures Turkey will be in an military confrontation with the USA, as all of America's troops deployed in Syria are in YPG territory, embedded with the Kurds, who they consider allies.

In a speech in Ankara on Thursday Yildirim again slammed the United States for backing the Syrian Kurdish militia force instead of standing by a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally. The city is controlled by the US-backed Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG).

There has been a consensus between all the worldwide and regional powers on the necessity to liquidate the revolutionary popular movements initiated in Syria in March of 2011 and to stabilize the murderous and authoritarian regime in Damascus with Bashar al-Assad at its head in the name of the "war on terror".

"The Syrian State should face this aggression and declare that it will not allow Turkish aircraft to fly over Syrian airspace", said Othman Al Sheikh Isa, co-chairman of the Executive Council of Afrin Canton.

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