CDC Says Avoid The Flu-Also, Don't Spread It

CDC Says Avoid The Flu-Also, Don't Spread It

Basically it means the flu is within at least half of the regions of our state right now. Hawaii is the lone exception.

The flu became intense last month in the U.S. The last two weekly report show flu widespread over the entire continental United States, which is unusual. Pennsylvania was in the lower, "moderate" category.

In the report, more than 14,400 new laboratory-confirmed cases were reported last week, with more than 74,500 cases reported this season. "We have to see what we get next week".

According to the CDC, flu vaccination is associated with reduced hospitalization among people with diabetes (79 percent) and chronic lung disease (52 percent).

Why is the flu so bad this year?

Thirty-six Kentuckians have died from the flu this season, while Knox County has only had one confirmed case of influenza this year.

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Siniscalchi said it would be premature to say the season has peaked at this point. Flu does not always behave the same way throughout the country, he said.

"Hopefully we're at the peak now, but until we see it go down for a couple of weeks we won't know that we have reached peak yet", said Lynnette Brammer, head of the CDC's Domestic Flu Surveillance team. Annual hospitalizations range from 140,000 to 710,000 and deaths are estimated between 12,000 and 56,000 each year.

As of Tuesday morning, 18 Ventura County residents had died of flu-related complications since Christmas; two of them were younger than 65, Levin said. Nationally, there had been 30 pediatric deaths. "But if you are seriously ill and at risk for complications from the flu, contact your medical provider because you may need additional treatment or hospital care". He did say that the numbers this season are higher than normal, mirroring a similar trend a year ago. Dr. John Beuerle says the emergency department is treating approximately 350 patients per day (for all types of illnesses and ailments). But, there was a slight dip between the first and second weeks of January.

In El Paso Thursday, health officials announced two flu-related deaths.

The influenza outbreak in OR reached feverish heights this week, with more than 5 percent of the state's population visiting a hospital emergency department for relief of their symptoms.

It is further noted that the flu vaccine is effective in reducing the severity and duration of influenza, though it isn't a 100 percent effective remedy.