Nintendo's Next Big Hit? A DIY Cardboard Kit

Nintendo's Next Big Hit? A DIY Cardboard Kit

The right Joy-Con's IR camera is key to most of the mechanics at play, and the initial Nintendo Labo's mini remote control vehicle moves through the Joy-Con's rumble, too.

Nintendo Labo takes advantage of the infrared motion camera in the right Joy-Con to detect what's happening with the cardboard creations and translate it into a game. After building a piano with the perforated cardboard pieces, players can insert the Switch Joy-Cons onto both sides, and the screen at the top.

You can see the potential here for Nintendo to create new toy kits on a regular basis by introducing new functionality and games to play using your creations.

As promised, Nintendo has just made that kid-friendly reveal it was teasing this morning.

Here's how it works: After you get home with Labo, you'll pull out instructions, and a bunch of cardboard, and construct whichever kit you've purchased.

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Nintendo Labo will be available on April 20 starting at $69.99.

The Variety kit includes an RC vehicle, fishing rod, house, motorbike and piano each with their own space for the Joy-con controllers which provide unique interactions in the game they're linked to. The second is the Robot Kit, a wearable suit of cardboard created to look like a robot. These contraptions then become controllers for specially designed games to allow for a whole new experience. There's also a Customization Set priced at $9.99 that comes with two stencil sheets, two sticker sheets, and two tape rolls to help make your creations pop. Andrew Webster of The Verge says the process of making the Toy-Con is "not only a lot of fun, but also surprisingly rewarding".

The Nintendo Labo asks users to "make - play - discover". The kit itself features a huge cardboard backpack and left and right "gloves" for your Joy-Con to slot into.

What if I need to replace my Toy-Con templates?

You and your kiddos, or you and your significant other - hell who are we kidding, even you and your buddies on a Friday night over some beers - will open up a cardboard sheet, from which you'll punch out various shapes and parts.