Vikings Take Bradford Off IR for Playoffs; 4th QB On Roster

Vikings Take Bradford Off IR for Playoffs; 4th QB On Roster

Injuries-wise, why don't you tell us what the Saints are looking at in this game?

Multiple Camera Angles: Watch games with picture-in-picture, dual and quad view modes, so you can watch multiple games on the same screen. Kick off is set for 4:40 p.m. EST.

The teams facing off this weekend are quite different from the squads that took to the field on September 11 in what was a 29-19 Vikings win. Brees was 27-of-37 for 291 yards and one touchdown.

As good as Minnesota looks on paper and as pedestrian as the Saints offense has looked at times this season, especially on third down, this strategy might be a bit of a stretch. The Saints go into Minnesota where the Vikings were 6-2 this year. The Saints were tenth in points allowed. He's allowing Adam Thielen, Stefon Diggs, and Kyle Rudolph to make plays.

METAIRIE, La. - Drew Brees deftly avoided the media blitz Wednesday, refusing to play along with the "playoff experience matters" storyline.

If nothing works for the Saints in the running game, like it did a week ago against Carolina, Brees should be able to win the game by himself through the air. He did score a touchdown. We haven't gone away from running the ball since he went down.

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Not only is Kamara a threat on the ground, he's established himself as a viable asset out of the backfield in the passing game. The Vikings have a ton of talent in their back-four. Kamara and Melvin Ingram will have to come off the blocks in this game. New Orleans looked completely outclassed on the road against a team that figured to be one of the top contenders in the National Football Conference.

The Vikings only have doubts over cornerback Terence Newman, while the Saints are definitely without wide receiver Brandon Coleman - key defensive players Cameron Jordan and PJ Williams practised on Friday and were taken off their injury report. This is where you want to be playing your best. They also struggled both in run defense and in containing McCaffrey in the wild-card round. You realize just how hard it is to get there and then win it when you do. So the Vikings may feel more comfortable with Bradford if the need arises to play the backup since he had success earlier this season against the Saints and is more experienced. Jared Goff broke the Seventh Seal last week and Saturday will see Nick Foles grab the silver. The Vikings actually were 23rd in takeaways, and that doesn't bode well when going up against one of the most accurate quarterbacks in National Football League history. Murray had a 100-yard effort in a two-touchdown Week 17 performance against the Chicago Bears.

The tougher chore is to brainstorm avenues that could lead to a Saints victory Sunday. "I'm still familiar with a lot of the guys that are still there". Minnesota holds a 2-1 advantage in those match ups.

That list goes on and on.

"Probably as some assistant in Kansas City, or something", he said, breaking into the hearty laugh for which he's been known during his time as Minnesota's "Garrulous Governor Chilly". Maybe that's not so fun a fact. "I'll let everybody else talk about what they want to talk about". The Rams still lost.