Hospitals struggle to keep pace as flu outbreak peaks

Hospitals struggle to keep pace as flu outbreak peaks

The rate of flu consultations across the North has continued to rise and is higher than the last several years but well below the peak experienced during the swine flu winters of nearly ten years ago.

The Department of Health says the majority of the deaths so far have been in people older than 65 with underlying conditions.

In the first week of reporting in October, two cases each of the flu virus - Type A and Type B - were reported.

Because the flu is so bad this season, Chen says health professionals are doing things a bit differently this year.

The symptoms of Japanese flu are similar to other flu strains, and can include a high temperature or fever, tiredness and weakness, headaches, general aches and pains and coughing and sneezing.

"So, about two weeks after getting the flu shot, your body has developed an immune response".

The most recent deaths bring the total number of people killed from flu-related illnesses to 23 in Dallas County.

Officials stress the best line of defense is a flu shot. But you are less likely to be hospitalized.

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Montana is current seeing widespread influenza activity and the CDC is also warning the public about the potential severity this flu season poses.

Australia is recovering from its worst flu outbreak on record with the number of people needing hospital treatment double that of a year ago. "The average age of death of the other thirty-four people who died as a result of flu is 75 years of age", continued Dr. Howard.

City health officials said one woman died at the end of November and the other one died in December. Austin doctors have reported high volumes of patients in emergency rooms, and "the number of visits at health care systems, physician offices and urgent care centers over the past week has really exploded", Dr. Ken Mitchell of St. David's Healthcare told KXAN.

Sinead McLean, a nurse at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow, said she had the flu jab because she has asthma.

Ms. Hill advises people to practice the three Cs - Cover coughs and sneezes, contain the flu it by staying home when you're sick, and clean hands regularly. "The vaccine is the best defence we have and it isn't too late for people to get vaccinated".

The Flu Express also recommends members of the public to get the influenza vaccines provided under the Government Vaccination Programme.

Flu vaccines have been less effective in fighting H3N2 than other influenza flu viruses, making this particular strain more hard to contain.