Colin Cowherd Has Wild Theory On Bill Belichick Possibly Exposing Tom Brady

Colin Cowherd Has Wild Theory On Bill Belichick Possibly Exposing Tom Brady

"As the representatives of baseball and the World Series champs, when the White House calls and invites you to come up, it's something that as an organization we felt both a responsibility and an obligation to be part of", Astros president of business operations Reid Ryan said.

The report stated that the Patriots coach tried talking the matter over with his quarterback, to no avail. The source has not spoken to Belichick since the Wickersham story came out, but he is very familiar with Belichick according to Myers. It also examined a purported disagreement between Belichick and Kraft regarding the decision to trade Jimmy Garoppolo to the San Francisco 49ers.

"Belichick was furious and demoralized, according to friends". To think any differently of that is complete nonsense.

When Belichick originally drafted Garoppolo in 2014, he probably figured his young quarterback would be starting by 2018 since Brady would be 41 at that point. He said he worked on this story for two months.

"Two weeks before the November 1 trading deadline, Belichick met with Kraft to discuss the quarterback situation". Brady apparently went to Kraft and told Kraft he wanted Jimmy Garropolo to be traded. Either the article's sources weren't quite accurate, or Kraft was lying. But the hot-takes are reaching an even higher decibel level now, in part because of ESPN reporter Seth Wickersham's compelling recent feature that digs into some of the issues they have had to navigate this year, most notably how to proceed with the Brady/Garoppolo situation.

There's also the possibility that Kraft could release Belichick just out of respect for the five championships and sustained level of success.

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A lot of this story has to deal with the Tom Brady-Jimmy Garoppolo dilemma. For argument's sake, let's assume this to be true. It makes ideal sense.

Brady said the working environment in New England is the same as it has been for the past 18 years. If Belichick were to find his way back to NY, a lot of obstacles would have to be cleared in between.

Short of Belichick convincing Patriots owner Robert Kraft to terminate his contract early, getting the future Hall of Fame coach to NY would come at an incomprehensible cost. Winslow Townson - USA TODAY Sports.

He did touch on the reported rift between himself and Belichick, however, by writing: "With every one of these clients, my only goal has been to help them bring forth positive changes in their body & mind".

When you start to crunch the numbers, trading Garoppolo not only makes sense, it appears to be necessary. That's highly doubtful. Brady is 40 and they traded away quarterbacks Jacoby Brissett and Garoppolo. Future, in this case, means like three years, enough time to draft and develop another quarterback. If Guerrero's methods allow Brady to play past the age any other National Football League quarterback would even dream of playing, they'll be fine.