Google Announces Android Oreo (Go Edition) for Entry-level Devices

Google Announces Android Oreo (Go Edition) for Entry-level Devices

The Google go app appears to be a Lite version of Google Search but also have more functionalities.

Android Go devices will come preinstalled with fewer apps to not take up more space. Yet, we have over 900 million Indians who aren't connected to the Internet.

App optimisations have also been created to take up less storage space.

The company has also made the arrival of the two-wheeler mode in Google Maps official. Google says that with these optimisations, they've been able to double available storage on smartphones running Android Oreo (Go edition) while Go versions of Google's apps have, on average, 50% reduced size.

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It's powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 SoC (octa-core chip clocked at 2.45GHz), Adreno 540 graphics and up to 8GB of LPDDR4X. OnePlus said that the OnePlus 5T is a phone made keeping in mind the feedback that was received from OnePlus 5 users.

Google has launched its lightweight version of Android, offering a slimmed-down OS and apps that take up less space to improve life for people with entry-level smartphones. It is now available in India and will reach other markets over the coming months. Called Android Oreo (Go Edition), the software brings the latest of Android as well as built-in data management features and security benefits. The company had promised to roll out a light version of Android and it has now released the OS to manufacturers and developers under the title Android Oreo Go Edition or simply, Android Go. Android Oreo (Go Edition) data saving features Google, in a bid to save more data has also announced that all the content on Google Chrome will run through the firm's servers and users will get a reduce file sizes when it arrives to the handset. Google is partnering with entry to mid level smartphone makers for the Go Edition. There are many new announcements that Google did today at an event. The app also lets you send files to another Files Go user.

In addition to that, upcoming phones that will be powered by Android Go will come with Google's data saving features turned on by default. The app will also make suggestions on removing cache, deleting large files that are not used frequently and to move some files to a SD card whenever possible.

Google is dedicating an entire team to the Android Go project so that those with Android Oreo (Go edition) aren't left behind on the updates. The new customized Go app is said to consume 40 percent less data.