Grad Tax Walkout/Rally at University of Southern California

Grad Tax Walkout/Rally at University of Southern California

As Yale Graduate School Dean Lynn Cooley wrote in an op-ed past year opposing our union: "As a scientist, I know that facts matter, and here is a fact that readers should know: graduate students in doctoral programs at Yale receive full tuition support".

"Our response is not only working to prevent the passage of the bill in Congress but also making sure no matter what the changes are to tax law that our institutions are still capable of supporting basic teaching and research functions", Lee said.

One table hosted a phone bank and laid out step-by-step instructions about how to call state senators and representatives, as well as a word-for-word script on what to say.

Graduate students are now able to teach or research in return for a stipend that goes toward living costs.

On top of teaching, Brower is responsible for running conferences and writing his dissertation, and he receives a $20,000 tuition waiver.

On Tuesday, Gonzaga President Thayne McCulloh sent an internal email to students, faculty and staff urging them to contact their legislators about the bill. Under the House plan, that would jump to 23 percent.

"It's not a surprise that it's not going to be easy to live on $13,000 a year, which is what our stipends would amount to if this tax bill were to pass", said Dennis Hogan GS, a member of Stand Up for Graduate Student Employees advocacy group.

Beezer de Martelly, a campus doctoral student in music and union member, led the demonstration in front of more than a hundred people, most of whom were graduate students.

"But I feel the university and COGS are really on the same page on this", she said.

Organizers said the House proposal would dramatically increase taxable income for grad workers, undermine the quality and competitiveness of American graduate programs, and make graduate school unaffordable. That would hurt the UI's ability to attract the best graduate students from around the world, he said.

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If college administrators are concerned with the alleged plight of graduate students-and college costs for students generally-they should champion reforms that actually put pressure on universities to keep prices in check. According to USC, there are 24,000 graduate students attending classes. It remains to be seen exactly how this tax would be implemented, but various calculations show that my income after tax would decrease by some $3,000 each year. This may also have a larger impact on worldwide graduate students, as their out-of-state designation would yield higher taxes.

"Tax reform is a work in progress".

This bill is still awaiting approval by both the House and the Senate.

But Powell could not say if the provision would be a deal-breaker when McMorris Rodgers casts her final vote on the unified bill.

As a proposed tax overhaul works its way through Congress, CU Boulder Today sat down with Juan García Oyervides, president of CU Boulder's United Government of Graduate Students, to discuss what he expects would be the effects on himself and fellow graduate students in general. The House bill would also eliminate a deduction for student loans and tax-exempt bond options for private universities. For some, it would double their taxable income. By 2020, the university will have provided almost $200 million in need-based aid to students through efficiencies and innovative funding.

The consequences of no federal financial aid for students, taxing university endowments and likely placing more emphasis on graduation rates will alter the existing structure of universities, and the savings strategies for millions of people.

For Joseph Wuest, also a doctoral candidate in political science, the House tax plan is a "direct attack on higher ed and graduate student education".

Furthermore, some studies have found that corporations receive back more value than the cost of tuition assistance itself.

"They are our nation's future and deserve congressional support - not a tax hike", the statement said. Graduate students and faculty gathered at 1:30 p.m. around the Benjamin Franklin statue on College Green, where individuals could speak up to the group about the tax bill.