HTC U11 Life Android One phone launched: Specs, price and more

HTC U11 Life Android One phone launched: Specs, price and more

Hands On HTC will have two new devices in the stores this month, and insists it has held onto a sizeable phone division, even after the reassignment of 2,000 HTC staff to the Chocolate Factory. HTC says the 2600 mAh battery should net users two hours of extra video playback time compared to the older U10 handset. Also, the phone will be arriving in both colors in global markets. I liked this phone a lot, and so did most other reviewers.

HTC's U11 Life is priced at USD349 (around RM1,476) and is available for purchase now in the US. Also, since the life is not a Google phone, you can actually customize what the squeeze does, and even separate long squeezes and short squeezes as different gestures. It's called the U11 Life and although this handset seems pretty uninteresting on paper, it does have one very interesting trick up its sleeve. However the biggest difference that is in the screen size that has reached a height of 6-inches and comes with an aspect ratio of 18:9. The bad news for fans in the United States is that the U11 Plus will not be released there.

The photos aren't going to win any awards, but give the U11 life plenty of light and hold still, and you can get some decent pictures. The colour still looks good, particularly the Sapphire Blue option, but it doesn't feel as luxurious or expensive. A nice touch for a budget phone. U11 Life also comes with IP67 water resistance, which isn't really common in the mid-range, and access to Edge Sense.

Overall, this is an impressive start for a £349 phone.

What I don't like about the original HTC U11 has returned on the HTC U11 Plus - HTC's glossy "Liquid Surface" finish with a mirror shine. The display is a Super LCD6 (1440x2880p) with Gorilla Glass 5. That's understandable for the price tag and the screen looks perfectly acceptable for a mid-ranger.

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That's because as the prices of flagship phones continue to rise, the phones in the middle are going to be the ones that put the burden on the iPhone Xs and Galaxy Note 8s of the world to prove that they are worth spending three or four times more on something that might be only marginally better. Starting with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 630, a mid-tier processor.

Android Oreo is all ready here and waiting on the HTC U11 Plus, so you won't have to wait ages for an update from Google to get the latest software. We'll test out performance including benchmarks soon. Both the versions support expandability via microSD card.

The HTC U!1 features an "Edge Launcher", which can be invoked by squeezing the device. There's also an adapter should you want to use a set of cans with a regular 3.5mm jack.

The U11's trademark Edge Sense feature comes to the U11 Life as well.

All those rumors about the HTC U11 with a larger bezel-less display have turned out to be true. Around back there's a second 16-megapixel camera that includes phase detection autofocus, a pro mode with RAW support, and an f/2.0 aperture. The reduced bezels mean that the fingerprint sensor that was originally located on the front of the U11 is now placed at the back of the device. It's limited to 1080p video, though.