How to Find an iPhone X In Stock

How to Find an iPhone X In Stock

Preorders for the iPhone X - Apple's latest and greatest smartphone - open in the early-morning hours of october 27.

Within minutes of pre-orders of the iPhone X opening on Apple's website, delivery times rose to five to six weeks.

Preorders opened at 3:01 a.m. EST for those devoted to having the new equipment in their hands first.

Tim Cook and Apple have been rather vague in commenting on alleged iPhone X production struggles, though the company did firmly deny reports that it lessened the accuracy of the Face ID components to increase production.

Following rumours of low stock available at launch, shipping dates for the Space Grey and Silver iPhone X soon started to slip past launch day, November 3rd.

In this guide we'll show you how to find an iPhone X in stock at in an Apple Store.

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But there's more to know about the iPhone X than the preorder status.

Apple offers new $39.99 iPhone X Silicon cases for the iPhone X and $59.95 iPhone X Leather cases.

After lackluster sales of Apple's other new smartphones this year, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, the company is hoping many customers were simply waiting for the premium iPhone X. The iPhone 8 series phones went on sale September 22 after a week of preorders. It is also offering a cashback of Rs 10,000 for customers buying the iPhone X with a Citibank Credit card and Citi World Debit cards. "It is about 1,300 yuan cheaper in Hong Kong than the mainland, maybe most buyers want to buy iPhone X in Hong Kong".

Despite the hefty price tag, interest seems strong: Apple Store in Sweden crashed in the lead up to the launch, reports MacWorld.

This is it. After being barraged by post after post of rumors. leaks, and sitting through the official unveiling - the iPhone X is nearly here. More than two-thirds of Apple's sales come from its popular smartphone, but iPhone sales dropped for the first time previous year. Now that consumers have seen the iPhone X euphoria and absorbed some of the reality, many people may want to go back and buy iPhone 8 Plus. That may well have been because so many Apple fans were waiting for the iPhone X to appear before laying down their cash. And anyone buying them now is going to be forced to wait for weeks until they actually get hold of one.