'Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp' towns open on smartphones in November

'Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp' towns open on smartphones in November

You can also install amenities like a swimming pool. As for how the game will play and which of the elements of the main series it will carry over, we'll have to wait and find out during the Nintendo Direct stream tonight.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is a brand-new mobile/smartphone spin-off of the Animal Crossing series, releasing in November. A crafting system will be part of the package, as revealed by the game's first official trailer which also suggested that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will either feature dynamically changing seasons or at the very least provide players with campsite themes inspired by the four seasons. You can fulfil requests and receive rewards or simply trade items with them.

Arts & Crafts: By gathering resources like fruit and wood, you can craft items for your campsite.

Animals have "favorite" furniture items.

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Leaf Tickets are another form of currency in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Rather than managing a town, Pocket Camp tasks players with managing a personalized campsite. Complete different goals throughout the game to earn more Leaf Tickets and the world will be your oyster. Bells are acquired by selling items like bugs and minerals.

As expected, Nintendo this evening announced that it is bringing Animal Crossing to iOS and Android next month. Given the game is free to play, this is the primary source of in-game purchases you can make, which seem to be primarily for saving the player time if they want to pay. Creating and placing certain objects in the camp site will make certain animals happy.

You use the camper to visit various locations like other campsites, an island, beach, forest, and river. This time around it's all about Animal Crossing Mobile. The various shops in Market Place offer things like furniture and clothing items.

OK Motors specialises in Camper customisation. Speaking of furniture, it can be crafted with the help of a blacksmith and using crafting materials you receive from visiting other camps. It's like those tiny homes that are all the rage. but with wheels! In addition to customizing your character and your living area (in this case, an RV camper), you'll also lay out furniture and themed items across the game's campground setting. These events and updates will begin rolling out after launch.