Backed Republican defeated in US Senate run-off

Backed Republican defeated in US Senate run-off

William Brangham begins our coverage.

Trump said the GOP was missing one "yes" vote because of a senator "who is home recovering from a pretty tough situation". "Congratulations to Roy Moore on his victory tonight", she said in a statement.

"The Republican Senate needs to get rid of the filibuster rule which is blocking so many great legislative reforms the American people badly want and deserve", he said. Says Huckabee Sanders, "We don't agree". "And I was very honored by the way I was treated in the race".

During an interview on Fox News Wednesday night with House Speaker Paul Ryan, numerous questions were dripping with disappointment over McConnell. I never met him.

"There's a growing consensus that would be very happy if the fine senator from Kentucky called it a career", he added.

The president also deleted a tweet congratulating Moore and urging him to "win in November". But Alabama voters had a different idea. "We'll start talking today about the prospects of getting that put back together and what his goals are and how we can meet that in a timely fashion".

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: Strange had only been in the seat since February.

A former state judge twice suspended from office who believes "God's law" can invalidate decisions of federal courts has won Alabama's Republican Senate primary, The Washington Post reports.

Judge Roy Moore brandishes a handgun during campaign
Judge Roy Moore brandishes a handgun during campaign

Moore, meanwhile, is well-known in Alabama as a staunchly conservative Christian evangelical. While Trump insisted repeatedly Wednesday that the latest GOP health care plan would eventually succeed, Moore decried it as "socialized medicine at best". "But in terms of whether or not I'm going to get into the back-and-forth over another candidate, we're here to focus on the president, the president's agenda, and those are the questions and the people that I can answer for". The president recalibrated his support from odd to Moore, then attached the runoff victor to his own signature campaign slogan. A pistol-waving, Ten-Commandments-before-Constitution favorite of Sarah Palin and Duck dynasty's Phil Robertson.

Steve Bannon, the former Trump White House chief strategist-turned-Moore advocate, will be on hand for his election night party in Montgomery.

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: Stumping for odd, not just the president, but Vice President Mike Pence as well. Not Luther Strange, Donald Trump's endorsed favorite, Mitch McConnell's man.

Odd was the first candidate endorsed by the president to lose an election since Mr. Trump took office. And I will be honest.

"And I might have made a mistake".

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: It was a moment one outside group immediately seized on. "I'm hopeful that we will know early where we have the issues with individual members we didn't with health care and that's a lesson we need to learn and not let happen this time".

SEN. LUTHER STRANGE: The president supports me.

The president had tweeted support for him at least 10 times. I mean, what message did he send after this big win? If he wins the Senate seat in December's general election, Moore would routinely have a vote on executive branch appointees that require Senate confirmation.

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