Outgoing N.Ireland leader says US Bombardier ruling 'not end of process'

Outgoing N.Ireland leader says US Bombardier ruling 'not end of process'

The Commerce Department recommended late Tuesday that a 220% tariff be imposed on each Bombardier's C Series jet delivered to the US after Boeing accused the Canadian aerospace giant of receiving $3 billion in government subsidies, giving it an unfair competitive advantage.

"From what we're hearing, there's a long way to go before this is all over".

"We know they will be back at the door", he told Reuters.

Ross Murdoch, national officer for the GMB union, said the ruling was a "hammer blow" to Belfast, where Bombardier makes aircraft wings and fuselages.

The Commerce Department in the US said the 220% duty was imposed on the new jets from Bombardier after a preliminary finding was made of subsidization. Her concern: Bombardier employs more than 4,000 workers in Northern Ireland.

When pressed on Sir Michael's warning, the Prime Minister said: "We have had a long-term partnership with Boeing". If Canada and the United Kingdom choose to retaliate against Boeing, Trump could ultimately find himself facing political backlash for playing a role in hurting a prized part of the U.S. job market. Thousands more jobs in Northern Ireland are supported through the manufacturer's supply chain.

"We will work with true partners".

"So here begins another story of the unintended and incredibly far-reaching consequences of Trump & Co.'s "America First" thinking on trade". As much as 125 are to be sold to Delta for US$6 billion.

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"Global trade works only if everyone plays by the rules that we've all endorsed to ensure fair competition, as adjudicated by independent national and worldwide bodies", Boeing said. "I was shocked at the size of the tariff".

The US International Trade Commission will decide in February whether to uphold or reject the proposed tariff.

The penalties will take effect only if the ITC affirms its stance in a final ruling expected in early 2018.

Northern Ireland's biggest political party said it would do everything it could to keep Bombardier's plant in Belfast open after the USA government slapped tariffs on the firm's CSeries jet which is partly made in the province.

Boeing Co (NYSE:BA) has won a key ruling by USA regulators against a Canadian rival in a price subsidy dispute that threatens to strain U.S.

The UK embarked on a charm offensive, with pressure from the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), which Theresa May struck a deal with in June after failing to increase her parliamentary majority.

She also questioned Boeing's claims the subsidies received by the firm were "unfair" - "anyone in business knows competition, which exists in every field, is good for the market and should be welcomed". Boeing is an important investor in the United Kingdom - an important employer in the United Kingdom.