Amazon Introduces a New Echo, Echo Plus, Spot, & Button

Amazon Introduces a New Echo, Echo Plus, Spot, & Button

Amazon on Wednesday announced five new Alexa-powered Echo devices in a dizzying product rollout that comes across as either impressively ambitious or insane and unfocused.

The new Echo is said to have a renewed focus on sound quality-likely to compete with Apple's HomePod-and will be customizable with six different colored cases. Notably, it also launches alongside Echo Connect, a $35 device that'll allow for Echos to connect to a landline and be used to make phone calls. This was less expensive than the regular Echo and was also a lot smaller too.

The new Echo and Echo Plus will retail at $99.99 and 149.99, respectively. Like the other Echo devices, it can be controlled via voice to play music from Amazon, Pandora, and Spotify, among other services.

The Echo and Echo Plus - priced at £90 and £140, respectively - are also available for pre-order now, and will start being delivered to customers next month.

An upgrade to the Echo Dot, the surprisingly useful little hockey puck Amazon sells, the $129 Spot has a screen that Amazon mostly imagines as an alarm clock, for now.

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In fact, the Fire TV can be connected to your existing grid of smart home devices, and all of those can be controlled via voice commands. You can buy Echo Spot for $129.99, and it will start shipping in the USA in December. Then it announced the Amazon Tap and Echo Dot.

Amazon also unveiled a new Fire TV dongle that plugs into the back of a TV (it uses HDMI). This small, round device features a 2.5in circular display, Alexa functionality and support for making video calls and viewing feeds from security cameras. Priced at US$20, Echo Buttons are hockey puck-shaped devices and will work alongside an Alexa-enabled device. It will ship from October 31. Five of the products are Echo related and the last is a new Fire TV.

Although Echo Show is going on sale soonm there is a device that won't arrive in the United Kingdom until 2018. In addition, users can connect external speakers to the Echo Spot through Bluetooth or a 3.5mm stereo cable.

Ask your other compatible Echo devices to call a contact and it places the call using your home line number. It has 2.5-inch display to provide visual information.