Va. firefighters return to Puerto Rico to help after Hurricane Maria

Va. firefighters return to Puerto Rico to help after Hurricane Maria

Now, almost all 3.4 million people on the island are sitting in the dark amid widespread pessimism about the future of this tropical US territory and whether they should expect much help.

Still, it seems relief is far out of reach for Puerto Ricans. Maria killed at least 31 lives across the Caribbean.

The governor said there is "significant damage" to the dam and authorities believe it could give way at any moment.

Puerto Rico is still reeling from the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria, with one Puerto Rico resident calling the destruction, "the equivalent of an atomic blast". "I can't deny that the Puerto Rico of now is different from that of a week ago".

Mariani says donations are very much needed, but he also urged political action. "The island's greenery is gone".

In Puerto Rico, officials are rushing to evacuate tens of thousands of people living downstream from a failing dam.

The church also is supporting the Red Cross and other relief agencies as they shelter displaced people and provide other help. About 2,000 people from these places are being triaged and assessed for their medical needs in Puerto Rico.

In Mexico City's worst hit neighborhoods, hopelessness and fear grows
Pedro Serrano , a 29-year-old doctor, was one of the ordinary Mexicans who had volunteered to join the rescue effort. The Israeli military said it would send 70 people to help with rescue efforts by providing engineering assistance.

When Maria hit Puerto Rico on Wednesday, it was the third-strongest storm to make landfall in the US, based on its central pressure. "We reaffirm in the request to evacuate the area as soon as possible".

San Juan, the commonwealth's capital and largest city, is in particularly bad shape. The hospital is about to collapse.

"The concern about electricity and the water, alligators, snakes", said Pete Piringer of Montgomery County Fire and Rescue.

Mercader: Thank you. We will rebuild, but we need help. "It's restoring people's security and restoring normalcy".

"It's pretty nerve wracking and stressful, but you try to stay positive", said Gerardo Colon, of Cleveland, who has not heard from his parents or grandparents since the storm hit. Only time will tell how Puerto Rico - and every community impacted by natural disasters in the past month - recovers from the devastation. Melisa Franzen of Edina, who was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Minnesota in 2001. "President Trump, Sec. Mattis, and DOD should send the Navy, including the USNS Comfort, to Puerto Rico now".

A 27 member team, including two search and rescue canines from the Massachusetts Urban Search and Rescue Task Force left Massachusetts Friday night to help the hurricane recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.