Sen. Cassidy introduces bill to repeal, replace Obamacare

Sen. Cassidy introduces bill to repeal, replace Obamacare

Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. and various Democrats to unveil a new single-payer bill that would cover all Americans under a more comprehensive version of Medicare. "We also urge that any legislation to amend current law should be developed through regular order, with hearings, debate and committee mark-ups, and with sufficient time for independent analysis by the Congressional Budget Office, independent experts, and the clinicians and patients directly affected by the proposed changes".

"Pick up the phone" and ask governors to support the repeal effort, said Sen.

Trump says in a statement Wednesday that "inaction is not an option".

Six months after President Trump embraced "our wonderful new Healthcare Bill", and a month after it was last left for dead, Republicans are down to just 18 days to repeal and replace ObamaCare. "This bill fundamentally transforms health care in the United States".

The room where Sanders spoke held more than 200 people, including members of unions and progressive groups. There's no good reason to lock in a permanent financial reward for states that went along with our previous president's desire to reshape American health care.

"This is our last and best shot for the Republican Party to show that we have ideas and our ideas are better than the other side", he said.

Medicaid expansion would disappear; this throws millions off insurance. Don't support Sanders' plan and Democrats risk alienating the party's liberal, activist voters, volunteers and contributors.

Twelfth Dem Backs Sanders' Single-Payer Bill
There is a significant bloc of conservatives who believe that Obamacare was always a enormous bait-and-switch operation. I argued back in July that the biggest victor of the Obamacare repeal debate was single-payer.

"Obamacare continues to collapse, and we have no choice but to address this problem head on", Sen. The formula for dividing up the money should rely on states' demographics as they relate to health, not on their political decisions years ago.

But try as they might, these lawmakers can't ignore the price tag. Staffers tell me they're now taking the threat seriously. Consumers would no longer owe out-of-pocket expenses, such as deductibles. The most pressing issue was lowering prescription drug prices - 40 percent of overall respondent said it was an "extremely important" priority.

The cynicism of the Sanders health bill is that on the same day he introduced legislation that would purportedly put the private health insurance industry out of business, Democratic leaders were dining with Trump at the White House, discussing his plan to give the health insurance giants-and the rest of corporate America-tax cuts worth hundreds of billions, and even trillions, of dollars.

"The president as well as the majority of the country knows that the single-payer system that the Democrats are proposing is a terrible idea", said White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Known as Graham-Cassidy, the bill would repeal the employer and individual mandates but keep most of Obamacare's spending and taxes and send that money back to the states in the form of block grants. He said much the same about the #Repeal and Replace light effort that failed by one vote, thanks to the last-minute switch by Sen John McCain, R-Arizona but still voted for the bill on the theory that it was better than the current Obamacare, which is still in the process of collapsing if nothing is done. If the House did amend the bill and pass it, then it would have to surmount a 60-vote Senate filibuster.

With Democrats all opposed, that gives Republicans barely two weeks to succeed.