Cuomo to visit US Virgin Islands to survey damage

Cuomo to visit US Virgin Islands to survey damage

Speaking to Sky News' Foreign Affairs Editor Sam Kiley on an aid flight to the region, alongside Royal Marines and medics, Mr Johnson said: "This has been long-planned ever since the hurricane broke". You know, particularly, like, on St. John, a number of the restaurants that were not severely damaged - they opened up and cooked and just was giving people hot meals and serving them. Most part-time residents - and anyone else who didn't have to stay - had cleared out as well, back to homes on the mainland with water, power and internet, and where food isn't scarce.

- Fort Jackson, South Carolina, is providing shelter to 128 personnel displaced by the hurricane and are still accepting persons seeking shelter.

Newly released images from Digital Globe show the devastation left behind by Hurricane Irma.

'We heard somebody say "It's Irmageddon around here!",' he said.

Irma's rainy remnants pushed through Alabama and MS after drenching Georgia. On Friday and Saturday the storm passed over Cuba before heading north to make landfall in the Florida Keys. It was to return to Puerto Rico on Saturday with hundreds more hurricane survivors.

SAM BLACK: I will say that all the airports are flooded with people wanting to get off the island.

Describing the damage to his luxury resort as "huge", the images depict fallen palm trees, exposed buildings and destroyed furniture. A sewagelike stench hung over the place.

Since Monday, Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) said more than 3 million homes and businesses have had power restored, with around a third of the state still without electricity. "I thought there was no way the building could withstand the wind".

"It's a sad state of affairs", the police chief said.

Apple silently killed off the Watch Series 2
The Apple Watch Series 3 will be available to order on Friday and will start at $329 - the watch with cellular will cost $399. The event marked the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone, and started by remembering the late co-founder Steve Jobs.

Some 132 schools suffered severe damage and almost two thirds of the country is still without electricity according to state news.

A British expat whose partner is stranded on a hurricane-hit Caribbean island said he carries a knife for protection as "everyone's turned feral".

The island sustained less damage than others with the storm's center passing to the north. Crews had restored electricity to most of the island by September 7.

DoD expects to complete evacuating US citizens from St. Martin and is coordinating the evacuation of USA citizens from the British Virgin Islands, the statement said.

Olive said there has been some "disgusting" looting and desperation but also hopeful signs.

It was unclear if the prisoners had been captured.

The UK has committed £32m to helping overseas territories devastated by Irma.

British overseas territories, including Anguilla, Turks and Caicos and the British Virgin Islands, are self-governing but rely on the United Kingdom government for protection against natural disasters. Reports from the Government indicate a variety of damages and needs in the affected territories, as well as loss of life (10). He said early estimates say that 25 percent of homes were destroyed and 65 percent suffered major damage.

Other estimates have come in as low as $10 billion, making it perhaps a top 10 US storm but not approaching 2005's Hurricane Katrina.