It Sequel Will Explore the Secret Origin of Pennywise

It Sequel Will Explore the Secret Origin of Pennywise

"It" has been building tremendous momentum, fueled by nostalgia for the iconic Stephen King story, some spine-chilling trailers, and terrific advance buzz.

· 91% are fans of Stephen King. That was enough for me to say f*ck it and do it. In the meantime, there are plenty of other horror movies for you to obsess over! She plays a recently separated mother of two who decides to start her life over by moving back home to Los Angeles.

New Line, the studio behind the upcoming big screen It, plans two films, one focused on the children, and a sequel following them into adulthood when they return to their hometown to face the monster again. Though they weren't mulling things over with a glass of wine by their side, it's nice to know that they were thinking about each other when the film was being made. Though the story is changed in parts, it is mostly faithful to numerous set pieces of the original miniseries, just with more numbing digital enhancement.

It's the summer of 1989, and various children have recently disappeared from the town of Derry, Maine at the hands of Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard)-a seemingly immortal entity from another dimension who takes on various identities of the people he torments. They decide that their only chance of beating it is to stick together.

Bill (Jaeden Lieberher) has a stammer and is haunted by the disappearance of his brother, who we met briefly in the film's opening scenes getting acquainted with Pennywise.

Because yeah-the reviews on clowns are kind of mixed.

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Ultimately, "It" works not because of its supernatural scares (though there are some good jumps), but because of the characters at the center of this tale. And I thought well, fine. OK.

"He's an actor that is not afraid of bringing a new thing every time.

We all respect your job, and I'm sorry".

"I thought it was a terrific idea", he said. I think it's a new take on the character and I hope people who were big fans of Tim Curry's performance will appreciate this as something different and new.

"That was when I exhaled", Dauberman said. "And I think that's what I wanted and that's where I want to go for the second one, to delve into the psychological and metaphysical spaces of this transdimensional being".

The same goes for the director and producers. It must be said though: this is the precise point in the TV miniseries when things began to fall apart and felt silly. "After that, it was a huge sigh of relief because whatever else happened, we pleased the man himself".