Showtime Says Mayweather vs. McGregor Trending to Break PPV Record

Showtime Says Mayweather vs. McGregor Trending to Break PPV Record

As every boxing purist predicted, Floyd Mayweather Jr defeated Connor McGregor after a technical knockout in round 10 of their boxing match on August 26, 2017.

The short answer is "no".

This week, footage emerged of Cleveland Cavaliers superstars LeBron James and J.R. Smith speaking on McGregor facing off against the boxing icon. And being competitive isn't quite enough.

The dust has all but settled on what was one of the biggest boxing matches of the decade - McGregor and Mayweather.

As for his performance against Mayweather, it was solid, yet nothing spectacular. "His experience, his patience, and his endurance won him this fight hands down". The counter left uppercut in the first being the most impressive of them all.

"It will sell, but far from the income Mayweather vs McGregor realized".

While "The Notorious" felt the fight could have continued, UFC President Dana White agreed with the stoppage as did a former ringside physician. "Brother, one chance in a million for Conor to defeat Mayweather".

McGregor however believes that the referee jumped in too early to stop his fight and he should have been allowed to fight on.

How many people around here remember that, I wondered?

"He did not learn how to throw a punch".

Irishman and McGregor fan O'Carroll dismissed this notion, however.

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Floyd Mayweather was a 40-year-old man coming off of a two year layoff to cash a massive payday.

Mayweather insisted his 50th consecutive win will definitely be his last, while McGregor remains the UFC lightweight champion.

Since the fight, many have speculated on who will be McGregor's next opponent.

Confidence or arrogance, depending on how you look at it, oozes from both Mayweather and McGregor.

When you see a boxer take a good blow to the face on TV - like when his head snaps backward or to the side - you often see a swath of sweat spray through the air.

But there's always Paulie Malignaggi. It is going to be one heck of a fight that I think both fighters are going to know once and for all what they are really made of.

Earlier in the evening, the match had been delayed due to PPV issues.

As expected there's talk of Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz going at it for a third time in the octagon. Before their UFC 194 fight - which ended with McGregor snapping Aldo's decade-long unbeaten streak and taking the featherweight belt - the two traded some serious barbs for months. But the reality is that he has a long way to go before he could ever be competitive as a boxer.

Showtime executive vice president Stephen Espinoza said Friday "it's too early to declare a hard number" but August 25's Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"When you have personalities like that and you put them in a ring with that type of conflict - it's what we do on a daily basis".

Asked at the post-fight press conference whether boxing on is an option, McGregor said: "I'm not sure what's next". How did it make people like me - a fair weather boxing and UFC fan at best - become so heavily invested in its outcome?