Houston residents are flocking to convention centers to flee Harvey-induced floods

Houston residents are flocking to convention centers to flee Harvey-induced floods

"There will continue to be people in hard situations that will need shelter services".

John Bel Edwards offered to take in Harvey victims from Texas, as Houston's largest shelter, the George R. Brown Convention Center, held more than 9,000 people - nearly twice the number officials originally planned to house there, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said.

In addition, a FEMA representative says the agency is in the process of setting up in the convention center to help evacuees apply for disaster assistance.

In a press conference, officials reminded residents to remain clear of flood water which could have unsafe debris, down power lines and snakes.

San Antonio had prepared to take in 10,000 evacuees, with more than 200 buses ready to transport people out of Houston. Further, it permits officers to inquire about the immigration status of anyone they stop - even, in some cases, the victims and witnesses to a crime, according to NBC News.

He added, "All members of the team who I have spoken with are excited to be part of the effort and recognize the importance of helping address this need".

George Snow, 68, was dazed to be vying for a cot in a city shelter, his south Houston house in ruin.

"We've had 18-wheelers coming in to shuttle people in", said Chris Elder of the Houston City Police Department.

MILES O'BRIEN: Give us your impressions of what is going on there. Snow and his wife were picked up by a volunteer boat owner.

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"This is a bad catastrophe", Rawlings said.

Her niece, 11-year-old Journey Booker, says the evacuation was mostly scary but a little bit fun. "That's why I'm not crying".

Some smaller shelters grew overcrowded and undersupplied because so many people had to be rescued. There are between 500 and 600 evacuees in Austin shelters at the moment but that's about to change.

"I've been in my house for 12 years, and this is the first time for me". Speights tried to stay in his home during the storm but had to move to other shelter after his home lost its roof and back wall.

"This is unbelievable", he said as he waited for officials to help him lower his grandmother off the back of the truck.

"We had no lights", he said hours later, surrounded by his grandchildren. I met a guy named Max Gonzalez (ph) outside of the convention center here, and he was waiting to be picked up. Rain fell Tuesday at about half an inch (1 centimeter) per hour over Harris County - home to Houston - and up to 2 inches (5 centimeters) per hour to the east. He immediately knew trouble approached. "The sun's about to come out", she said. The Red Cross told me that they're going to be here as long as they're needed.

At one point in the night, he braced himself in the corner of a fence to keep from drifting away in the water.

FLORIDO: I mean look; most people are trying to leave as soon as possible, and they're doing everything they can to leave quickly.

Volunteers and donors lined up outside the Toyota Center, the downtown arena that is home to the Houston Rockets, in anticipation that it will be one of the new shelters, and. There has been a heavy influx of men, women, children and many infants seeking a dry place to stay after rising water forced them from their homes or left them stranded on Houston roadways.