Do you think the Fitbit Ionic is a smartwatch worth buying?

Do you think the Fitbit Ionic is a smartwatch worth buying?

The Ionic is late to the game, and its $300 price tag makes it slightly more expensive than the cheapest available Apple Watch, which goes for $269. And while Fitbit is touting the health and fitness features on its device, building on its expertise in fitness trackers, the Ionic lacks some of the technological capabilities of an expected revamp of Apple Watch. The new smartwatch also includes Global Positioning System, heart rate tracking, water resistance, battery that will last more than 4 days, on board music, Fitbit Pay, and multiple clock faces.

Fitbit also replaced the Fitstar app with the Fitbit Coach on the Ionic to deliver tailored workouts that offer step-by-step guides showing you what to do exactly.

Display of Fitbit's new Ionic smart watches.

As we mentioned, the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch is a water resistance device as it can survive in up to 50 meters of water.

The smartwatch is the company's first device to include a sensor that can estimate blood oxygen levels, called a relative SpO2 sensor. Fitbit is exploring how they can aid consumers with heart health, chronic diseases, stress and sleep apnea, according to Shelten Yuen, vice president of research. The new Swim Exercise mode shows real-time laps, exercise duration, and calories consumed for pool swims. It can also pause a workout when it detects the wearer has stopped running, though that's another feature the Apple Watch has had for some time. No, the Ionic isn't powered by Android Wear or Apple watchOS.

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Earlier today, smart fitness company Fitbit announced its long rumored new Ionic sports watch.

Fitbit is famous for its great fitness trackers and "watches". It will be available through the paid-for service (will be launching next year).

Wearables brand Fitbit is introducing a new slate of tools and technologies focused on health and wellness, including a new smartwatch, a smart scale, fitness-centric headphones and a premium guidance and coaching offering. Fitbit Ionic will also be supporting third-party apps as well, starting with Starbucks, Accuweather, Pandora, and cycling app Strava. Fitbit app's software developer kit enables developers to produce apps for enterprise health companies with Fitbit devices and by providing access to its sensors to build customized wellness programs for their customers. We'll see the Fitbit Flyer launch in October, probably on the same day as the Ionic.

If you're a Fitbit Ionic smartwatch owner, or soon will be as the device is only in pre-order right now, making a contactless payment the way that some smartphones and smartwatches can already do is a feature that's soon coming to you.

Owners of Fitbit's new smartwatch model Ionic, will be able to add eligible cards and make payments in Australia later this year.