Trump attacks Republican leaders over debt ceiling

Trump attacks Republican leaders over debt ceiling

President Donald Trump, a Republican, is exactly what Republicans "are not", former GOP Sen.

Trump has labeled Flake as "weak" and "toxic" on Twitter.

The consumer discretionary index ended down 0.8 per cent, dragged lower by a 3.71-per cent decline in Lowe's Companies after disappointing results and forecast.

"The only problem I have with Mitch McConnell is that, after hearing Repeal & Replace for 7 years, he failed!"

McConnell did not respond to questions about Trump's comments at an event in Louisville, Kentucky, on Thursday.

That was the basis for previous budget deals under Obama, but with Republicans controlling both the Legislative and Executive Branches, many Republicans do not want to strike a similar agreement this year. The Wall Street Journal objects.

Clinton survived his scandals - and even an impeachment - in part because he maintained strong personal relationships with many congressional Democrats, never openly antagonizing them the way Trump does with fellow Republicans.

"If we have to close down our government", President Trump said at his rally in Phoenix on Tuesday, "we're building that wall". And if Republicans lose the House in 2018, the adviser says, Trump could say he told them so, "I've been saying this for months". But only 29 percent of independents and 6 percent of Democrats support the wall.

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And he's doing it in a scathingly personal manner, attacking congressional Republicans almost daily through social media and at public rallies. "Could have been so easy-now a mess!" And it could complicate the task of rallying Republicans around complicated tax legislation, where lawmakers can have divergent priorities. He's not insane to think of ways to put Democrats in a bad spot regarding the debt ceiling. He campaigned for Democrats when they asked, raised gobs of money for their political committees and did the little personal things including inviting them out to play golf.

Action is needed to raise the debt ceiling by September 29, the administration has warned, although some fiscal experts say the deadline may actually be mid-October. In both cases, McConnell has shut Democrats out of the process and used a procedure that can not be filibustered, so Trump has no one to blame but Republicans. Daniel Horowitz has said it.

That is, the old rules say he's setting himself up to take it on the chin, both legislatively and in terms of becoming a lightning rod for voters who suddenly can't get the services that their tax dollars pay for. The interest on the debt is $270 billion. When Congress returns to Washington next month, McConnell will have to work with Trump to raise the debt ceiling, pass a budget and also pass a spending bill to keep the government funded.

But the Wall Street Journal obfuscates that truth to argue for Congress to abandon conservative policies. Two-thirds of the country doesn't support an expensive and largely symbolic wall, and even most Republicans who do won't like a shutdown to pass it. True to his TV persona, Trump has been "performing" from the moment he took oaths. "He can veto a bill without it, but then he'd be responsible for the shutdown". He badly needs a legislative victory, and he flat-out said this week he would risk a shutdown to get funding for his hallmark campaign promise, a border wall.

But President Donald Trump is known for shredding the rulebook, so why would congressional etiquette be any different? But they could wreak havoc on Trump's agenda and shed light on his personal finances.

It's too early to know if Democrats would move toward impeachment if they won the House majority next year. Shares of advertising firm Omnicom dropped more than 6.94 per cent to $72.71, while Interpublic Group fell 6.32 per cent to $72.71 after WPP cut its sales forecast after consumer goods giants curbed spending. If Republican Party politicians had thought that Trump's performances were carefully thought out "acts", aimed at specific political objectives, they were sadly mistaken. This sustained public humiliation of the a key party stalwart has angered other Republicans.

The Trump administration has made it clear that border security is one of its top priorities.

President Trump and the Congress would do well to get back to the conservative agenda Republicans campaigned on. He holds a politics and economics from Hillsdale College.