Basketball blockbuster: Kyrie Irving dealt to Celtics

Basketball blockbuster: Kyrie Irving dealt to Celtics

Thomas suffered a right hip injury last season, and it became a real issue during the the Celtics' Eastern Conference finals series against the Cavs.

As James pointed out, Thomas did not request a trade and had no say in Tuesday's move. But if you compare their 2017 season stats that argument may not be valid. Watching these two teams agree to a deal in the first place was interesting, but somehow, things have gotten more entertaining in the days since the news of this trade dropped. If Ainge's goal was to wait and get a star to take the Celtics over the top, he may have gotten the wrong one. According to reliable league sources, the Cavs are trying to get another trade asset from the Celtics [VIDEO] in order for the deal to push through.

He asked for a trade and has wanted no part of a return to the Cavaliers.

Jae Crowder has been the subject of trade speculation in the past.

On the other hand - there are always at least two sides to every story - LeBron James now has to contend with another headstrong, scoring point guard, who is defiant to the very end. So not only does he provide bench scoring but he will also provide rest time so LeBron James doesn't have to average 37.8 minutes per game. Zizic is a 20-year old seven-footer who showed promise in Europe. They were forced to play 6-foot-9 Channing Frye as a backup Center.

Perhaps Cleveland's acquisition of Thomas is a blessing in disguise. If not, don't forget that the Cleveland Cavaliers basically received him for free.

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Unlikely. Per CBA rules, according to Coon's CBAFAQ, if a team fails to disclose important information, the commissioner can "impose penalties including a fine up to $1 million, suspension of the team executives who were involved, rescinding the trade, and/or the forfeit of draft picks". He posted a career high 28.9 points per game last season.

"We know we're paying a heavy price and love the guys that were here and we really didn't want to give up any of those pieces to make this deal work €" but we're excited to have Kyrie".

That blockbuster deal between Cleveland and Boston is stuck.

If the Cavs are trying to squeeze another pick out of Danny Ainge they could be playing a risky game.

If the Celtics refuse to sweeten the deal, the Cavs could potentially veto the trade, sending all of the pieces back to their previous teams.