USA may sanction Pak officials with ties to terrorists: WH

USA may sanction Pak officials with ties to terrorists: WH

President Trump is not the first US leader to pivot when it comes to foreign policy.

On the U.S. new policy on Afghanistan and South Asia, she said the elaboration of the U.S. policy on Afghanistan and South Asia has drawn a widespread attention. The only two new things in the policy are, one they did not define when they would leave Afghanistan, secondly once the United States "wins" the war then they would bring the Taliban on the table.

So on paper, Trump's strategy makes sense.

Some residents in the capital Islamabad said their country was being treated as a scapegoat after being dragged into the conflict following the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.

There is much that is right about the president's announced new strategy and objectives, but the question remains: Can this war be won and the country stabilized, or will Afghanistan always be a bottomless pit?

"All the worst things that we are facing is only because [we are] supporting the USA in Afghanistan", said Ameer Hamza. "We will wait for implementation", he said in a Twitter post. A major disadvantage for us has been that our terrorist enemies can obtain safe havens there, and Trump is saying no more. "The US needs them". The US Congress is proposing to enact a legislation to progressively reduce/cut off economic and military aid and supplies to Pakistan.

The rules of engagement need to change, but we also have to recognize that we don't want our military's action to be a recruiting tool for ISIS.

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"In the worst case", he accused Pakistan of being guilty of "active direct support" to terrorist groups. We have concerns about their weapons, the security of their weapons.

While Trump's speech was widely criticized in Pakistan by politicians of all parties, it was welcomed by Afghanistan's shared leadership of President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah.

"Pakistani officials contend that the Trump administration has crossed the red line by making India a part of its Afghan strategy". Mr. Khursheed Kasuri was confident of Pakistan China friendship and said, "If US thinks that these statements and steps will make China abandon Pakistan, that's not true".

Observing that the U.S. gives the Pakistani government substantial security aid, the official said, and in return receive, at best, "indifference to border crossing and terrorist safe havens and sanctuaries" in Pakistan s tribal regions along the Afghan border.

The Polititco report said that after the announcement officials said on a conference call with reporters that it also includes demanding more from the Pakistani government in combating terrorist groups.

She also lauded Pakistans support to Dollars 50 billion China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) over which India has raised protests as it traversed through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

Apart from the Afghan people, Tillerson said, Pakistan "will benefit more than any other nation", particularly as the Taliban and other terror groups such as the Haqqani network strengthen to such a degree that they might soon threaten Islamabad itself, he said.