How to prepare for the total solar eclipse

How to prepare for the total solar eclipse

It's been quite a while since we in North America have enjoyed an eclipse of the sun - partial or otherwise.

The Rome and Floyd County school systems will delay dismissal times by 30 minutes on August 21 due to the solar eclipse, partly a response to safety concerns, but also extending the amount of time for students to participate in unique educational experiences.

And in the age of smartphones, it won't just be professional photographers who will be taking shots.

If you're using a telescope or binoculars to observe the partial eclipse, put a solar filter designed for your viewing equipment in front of the primary lens (or lenses).

A celestial event later this month will bring early, temporary twilight to the area as the moon moves between the Earth and the sun.

"Every press release that anybody's issuing, at least from knowledgeable sources, is including safety messaging", said Rick Fienberg, a spokesman for the American Astronomical Society.

In 1979, Hawley witnessed a total solar eclipse from an airplane at an altitude of 43,000 feet. This is the only time it is safe to remove solar eclipse glasses. So the moon, sun, far apart, but they look like they are the same size.

If you plan to get outside and fish during the 2017 solar eclipse, there are lots of ways to stay informed about conditions. Do not use damaged eyewear to view the eclipse.

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If you're looking for a prime place to view the total solar eclipse on August 21, the Kansas City Library downtown might be a good option. Sunlight has harmful ultraviolet radiation. All you have to do is turn your back to the sun and look in it. There are solar filters that are safe for viewing and photography and there are solar filters that are only safe for photography. The projected image will be tiny but perfectly safe to view without filters.

But the ISO label isn't enough. If you need to see to believe, use this tool to type in your ZIP code to see what you'll see.

The solar eclipse starts at 1:06 p.m. EDT and totality begins at 2:35 p.m. EDT, lasting for roughly 2 1/2 minutes. And make sure there are no holes in the film.

Mystery Science's lesson plans are now in use in 10 percent of elementary schools in the US, where many elementary school teachers aren't necessarily prepared to teach science (or even fully understand the curriculum they are supposed to teach). Only when everything checks out do we add a vendor to our listing. Paper glasses cost about 20 to 25 cents to make, and they are sold to distributors for about 45 cents, but prices vary depending on order size.

How can you tell if your solar viewer is not safe?

Stencel will be traveling to Wyoming to see the eclipse in its totality. And be careful of phony eclipse glasses that are flooding the market. Looking up and seeing that dark disc in the sky surrounded by the ring of light produced by the sun's corona is a life-changing experience for some.

What if you received eclipse glasses or a handheld solar viewer from a relative, friend, neighbor, or acquaintance?

Beginning Aug. 19, Jefferson will host a three-day celebration of art, astronomy and live entertainment as well as a viewing of the Aug. 21 eclipse on the Missouri State Capitol lawn and at various other locations around the city. I'm one of them. These Google solar eclipse glasses meet NASA's standards and have extremely dark lenses as they were made by Rainbow Symphony. Even glasses that are scratched or wrinkled should be avoided, according to NASA.