The new record in MLB history

The new record in MLB history

Until now, there were only 30 players in League who reached 3000 hits and more. Adrian Beltre became 31st.

This famous professional sportsman celebrated his victory with his kids in the middle of the match, who ran towards him to congratulate with the personal achievement. It is the historical moment that will be remembered not only by all guests at the stadium but by the whole baseball industry. If you want to join a baseball world, just click here to place your MLB bet at

Adrian is the first player in his country who made 3000 hits and the thirty-first baseball player in history in general.

Proud player later told the press that it is probably the best day in his own life. He revealed that it was special mainly thanks to his friends, children and wife with whom he could share his joy.

He reached this number during the 4th inning in a match with Orioles of Baltimore this weekend. While the game was wasted and ended by 10-6 loss, one man’s joy was real.

He went with the double to the left side of the field and passed his milestone.

Buck Showalter, the Orioles chief, has admitted that it was a privilege for all his team to see Beltre’s game. He said that Orioles team respects this player and watch his new victories.

It is unlikely that Beltre could save the game, as his team was clearly crushed by their opponents. He made a double, past the 3d base.

This match is the 2 771 in his professional career. Immediately, the banner with congratulations has jumped above the field. All members of Rangers gathered near Beltre to shake his hand. They all were celebrating, despite the result of the game.

His son and daughters ran to their dad to hug him in this special time.

Later Beltre told journalists that his own country is rich with great sportsmen and that he is very proud to represent them. He noted that this moment is even more important for him as it is the Father’s Day in Dominican Republic and he is able to make his father proud of him.

It is the twentieth big season in the MLB for Dominican player, and he is just the 3d player who is baseman in this club. Besides him stand Boggs and Brett, both legends in baseball.

His own victory was made few minutes later than Ivan Rodriguez, the ex-catcher of Rangers stopped his entry speech at the Baseball Hall of Fame. As always, 3000 hits is an entrance ticket to the legendary hall.

Banister, the manager of Rangers believes that Beltre is definitely one of the baseball legends and that this Sunday must be named as the Ranger Day in baseball.

Banister said that Beltre means a lot to the whole baseball organization, and their team especially, and they all are very happy to share this journey with him.

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Rodriguez also sent his congratulations to the former co-worker and greeted Beltre with a milestone.