Three Republicans threaten to vote no on healthcare

Three Republicans threaten to vote no on healthcare

Both Kansas Senators voted in favor of the measure.

All eyes were on McCain, who flew back from Arizona after being diagnosed with brain cancer in order to vote, and sat with Collins, Murkowski, and Senator Jeff Flake, also from Arizona.

Although the Senate on Tuesday passed a motion to proceed with debate about repealing the Affordable Care Act, it has failed to subsequently pass two of three proposals to repeal and revise the current law.

Senators were working their way through 20 hours of debate.

What are they voting on today?

The U.S. Senate voted to reject a conservative amendment for a "straight repeal" of ObamaCare with a two-year window to replace the failing law, breaking a 7-year promise to voters.

If the Senate does pass a bill, both chambers would have to approve what ever emerges from the House-Senate conference.

With a Republican president in the White House, GOP leaders tried again.

But a more comprehensive measure that would have repealed major parts of the law with a ready replacement also came up short on Tuesday night.

What have they already voted on?

Senators are settling in for a possible all-nighter on the future of health care.

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"What we need to do in the Senate is figure out what the lowest common denominator is - what gets us to 50 votes so that we can move forward on health care reform legislation", Tom Price, the secretary of health and human services, said on CNBC.

It included a proposal by Sen.

Last Friday, after objections from Sanders, the Senate parliamentarian ruled that defunding Planned Parenthood and the subsidies provision in the BCRA were not eligible to be considered under the budget reconciliation process. I also now believe we will be able to defeat the new spending and bailouts. If the House does want to consider the bill, the martial law authority allows them to do so more quickly.

As the possibility of the Senate passing a partial repeal bill loomed Thursday, several patient, hospital and insurance groups put out statements arguing that scrapping even just the mandate that individuals buy insurance could have real consequences for health care marketplaces.

Not only do we not replace Obamacare, we politically own the collapse of health care.

Mr. McCain had previously made clear that he wanted to secure amendments to that broad repeal-and-replace bill. That is expected to start Thursday.

With other plans looking destined to fail, Republicans are considering a "skinny repeal" of Obamacare in hopes of just keeping the repeal process alive. And plans to eliminate Obama's medical device tax could be abandoned because Republicans need that money for their package.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy sent out a notice to all House members instructing them: "All members should remain flexible in their travel plans over the next few days". If they can pass that, lawmakers can hammer out a final proposal with the House in conference committee.

Sens. Lindsay Graham (R-SC), John McCain (R-AZ), and Ron Johnson (R-WI) held an odd press conference Thursday evening where they announced that they will vote for the latest gambit to advance Trumpcare, but only if they can be sure that the bill they vote for does not become law.

That leaves skinny repeal as one more option.