Some House Democrats mull over how to oust Pelosi as leader

Some House Democrats mull over how to oust Pelosi as leader

Debate has swirled among Democrats about what strategy to deploy: going all in with a nationwide anti-Trump agenda, or tailoring individual races to local economic issues in a bid to fix fraying connections between the Democratic Party and the common voter.

The frustrated Democrats met in Rice's office a day earlier to discuss their options as they face long odds of knocking out the woman who has led the Democratic caucus for almost 15 years from minority to majority and back, raised tens of millions of dollars and has had multiple legislative successes.

So when I say Democrats need a new strategy, that we need to start winning elections right away, I'm not just talking about how it'd be a little nicer to have more Democrats win.

Despite being blamed for having a "toxic" brand that turns voters off, Pelosi is credited for being a successful fundraiser for the party.

These aren't the first rumblings against Pelosi.

Rep. Tim Ryan, who unsuccessfully ran against Pelosi in November for the House leadership post, also attended Rice's meeting.

"That is why I'm able to attract the support that I do, which is essential to our elections, sad to say", Pelosi added, in a reference to her unparalleled fundraising hauls. But in the second half of her 15 years as caucus leader, the Democrats in the House have been in a steady decline, losing the House majority in 2010, and continuing to lose seats.

But Pelosi's critics have a point.

But it's also clear that many Democrats in the House, if not the large majority, don't see it that way. "The insane thing is that there's a great opportunity here, because neither party has figured out how to thrive in the new economy", he said. Democrats shouldn't let themselves fall into the same quagmire.

Still, there is something odd about the attacks on Pelosi.

But with Trump's numbers in the toilet, lots of Republicans with mixed feelings about the Donald, and Democratic outrage unleashing a flood of money, volunteers, and voter turnout, we had four special elections with legit opportunities to win... and we blew them all. But his Republican opponent, Karen Handel, as well as a GOP-aligned super PAC and the House Republicans' campaign arm, the National Republican Congressional Committee, spent millions on television ads and mailers latching Ossoff to Pelosi.

Senate GOP health bill: Cut Medicaid, end no-coverage fines
Heller's opposition is the latest roadblock for the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA). Johnson said, "It's freakish what we've done to our healthcare markets".

Pelosi:"I'm worth the trouble". What they can't seem to grasp is that their message to the American voters has been overwritten by identity politics, hateful rhetoric and blatant obstructionism.

The apparent effectiveness of such attacks alarmed some fellow Democrats, and they show no signs of letting up.

Hillary Clinton, whose rhetoric often sounded more poll-tested than authentic, never found that compelling message during her 2016 campaign.

As long as the Democrats want to keep her at the top, I say to them, "Go for it".

Nancy Pelosi is still their party's prom queen. With more and more evidence the president did not collaborate with Russians to steal the election, Democrats are more and more convinced he did.

Unlike what they apparently believed before this race, Georgia voters are not stupid, and they can't be bought.

Growing tired of much-hyped chances that nonetheless turned into defeats, which are hard to spin into moral victories, the Democrats gaze upward at the party's command structure to assign blame, and most eyes are beginning to rest on Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

The challenge for Democrats, as pointed in Politico's reporting, is that there are no viable candidates to challenge Pelosi and take over the leadership. She has been a great leader, but like every leader, time immemorial, it's time for people to know when to go. It's what they do.

Not only did the Democrats waste all that money, but they did so with a candidate who did not live in the district and who campaigned like a moderate Republican. So much that is decent and good about our country will be blown to dust.

It reminds me, in part, of that famous moment that will be familiar to all New England baseball fans.

"The fact is, they will always make a target. Sen". But to the extent that it was a referendum, Trump won, and California lost.