Special election losses leave Democrats divided, searching

Special election losses leave Democrats divided, searching

In April, Democrats lost a special election in Kansas to replace Mike Pompeo, who is now Trump's Central Intelligence Agency director.

Republican Karen Handel, a former state official, beat Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff by 3.8 points in the wealthy, educated suburbs of Georgia's 6th district. "They lost this one and are now 0-4 in specials this year". But, to quote Taylor Swift, they're not out of the woods yet. A loss could have meant that Republicans who are sick of Congress retire rather than run for reelection and risk losing. He says the vote shows people want Congress to move forward with Trump's plans.

Ellison said the Georgia 6th was not as competitive as 64 other House seats that Democrats could win in 2018 to wrest control away from Republicans, adding, "They're the ones who better be anxious". And yet, they came close.

Democrats had hoped Georgia would provide a breakthrough for a party trying to harvest electoral victories from the grassroots anti-Trump activism seen in marches on Washington and boisterous crowds at town hall meetings around the country.

"Our districts here that are in play are way more competitive than the Georgia 6th", Thowfeek said. While I'm truly sorry he lost, it was an overwhelmingly Republican district, where Tom Price won by 23 points in 2016, and the full disaster of the current Republican policies are not yet being felt by most people.

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That doesn't sound good, especially for a party that will likely be working to keep momentum and recruit good candidates to take back the House on what will likely be razor-thin margins in 2018.

As President Donald Trump celebrated Republican victories in two special congressional elections on Wednesday, one man who advised presidents from both parties warned the results "should be a wake-up call for Democrats" that Trump could be on his way to re-election in 2020. The November 2018 midterms are still some 15 months away.

Turning a longstanding Republican district into a swing district ended up being more of a fantasy than an attainable goal. An Ossoff victory might have scared Republicans into siding with the majority of Americans who disapprove of the disgusting man occupying the White House. And the New York Times' Jeremy Peters stated that Democrats "have not figured out" that "it is not just enough to be against Trump" and that this "did not work as a motivating factor for Ossoff voters".

There have been four special races for U.S. House seats vacated by Trump appointees, all won by the GOP.

The young Democrat received 8.9 times as many many donors from California than from any other state in the union, including all of the totals from Georgia itself.