GOP eyes Senate health care vote next week, amid grumbling

GOP eyes Senate health care vote next week, amid grumbling

Sens. Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich and both went to the Senate floor Tuesday to denounce a Republican replacement bill approved by the House, warn of its consequences for New Mexico and lament a lack of information about the Senate replacement legislation.

McConnell and a small group of Senate Republicans have been working on the measure behind closed doors for weeks, keeping the bill - and negotiations - from public view. Provisions restricting the use of the House bill's tax credits to pay for abortion hit procedural hurdles in the Senate. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., said then. We want a better system for the American people.

In the end, those goals appear to be aligned.

In response, Gillum released a statement giving somewhat backhanded praise to Rubio for cautioning against ramming a health care bill through the Senate. Conservatives believe that in order to do that, Senate Republicans need to repeal numerous Obamacare regulations including community rating, which bars insurers from charging people with pre-existing conditions more for their health care coverage.

There will be changes.

Vice President Mike Pence, a former congressman, has been more involved than Trump with the Senate debate, regularly chatting with lawmakers, including meetings on Tuesday. They should call or email the offices of McConnell and Republican senators like Florida's Marco Rubio who have been largely silent on the secret process.

"Let's have hearings. Let's have openness", he added, saying that he hopes the Republicans' bill is unsuccessful.

"What we're trying to do is demonstrate the absurdity of this", said Sen. "People didn't want to have to buy this product".

In spite of tweet, lawyer says Trump not under investigation
Trump had posted earlier in the morning that Sekulow would be appearing on the Fox program, but the tweet was later removed. SEKULOW: Well, look, I - I can't imagine the scenario where the president would - would not be aware of it.

Opposition to the House-passed health care bill has almost doubled among Republican voters since the end of April, according to Morning Consult polling.

"We eliminate the individual mandate".

"One of the key things I'll be looking at when it comes out, when we get a copy, is are there more subsidies in our bill than Obamacare", Paul said. "Hell no you haven't!" Cory Booker, D-N.J., who took the short cab ride from the U.S. Capitol with Sens.

Hatch did, however, decry Democrats about seven years ago for ramming Obamacare through Congress with little debate and few specifics before a vote. Today Senate Republicans' response could be: We learned it from watching you.

"There's only one possible reason why my friends on the other side are going along with this process, only one reason: they are ashamed of the bill they're writing", Schumer said in a floor speech on Tuesday, standing next to a sign that quoted Trump calling the Republican health care bill "mean".

"I think that their strategy is great on two levels", explained Iadarola. A May 16-22 Kaiser Family Foundation poll said 55 percent of Americans have an unfavorable view the bill, H.R. 1628. Everybody pretty well understands it. Still, he's "sure the Russians" probably have taken a look at it.

That argument rings hollow with some of his fellow Republicans.